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Intro to ST

Study Exam 3

What does Sister Callista Roy define as “all conditions, circumstances, and influences that surround and affect the development and behavior of the person”? Environment
In recognition of which religion’s death rites would the operating room staff allow the deceased patient’s son or other relative to close the eyes and mouth and wash the body after removal from the surgical suite? Jewish
Maslow’s research produced a hierarchical structure of ___________. Human progression
Under what circumstances would many hospitals rescind (invalidate) a “Do Not Resuscitate/Do Not Intubate” order? A patient must undergo a therapeutic surgical procedure
Which area of concern or fear would MOST likely be the main focus for a teenage patient having surgery? Body image
What is a normal human emotion that surgical team members may feel for their patients, but must not interfere with their abilities to maintain focus on their jobs, particularly in all-hazards situations? empathy
Which of the following needs of the surgical patient is related to anatomy and physiology, genetics, and pathology? physical
Which of the following procedures would be surgical treatment for an elderly patient’s psychological dissatisfaction with his or her appearance? blepharoplasty and rhytidectomy
Which type of general category of death would most likely generate high emotional trauma for family members and a need to follow protocols for preservation of evidence in the perioperative period? accidental
Title XI of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 requires hospitals to establish protocols for organ procurement or risk losing funding by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). true
Denial, rationalization, regression, and repression are common forms of what type of mechanisms? Coping
Cultural and religious values of patients can conflict with the practice of modern medicine. True
Which of the following legislative rulings requires medical facilities to inform patients of their rights to choose the types and extent of medical care available and their legal right to advance directives? Patient self-determination act
Which of the following conditions was defined by the Harvard School of Medicine and include the following physical signs: flat EEG, unresponsiveness, lowered body temperature, and absent pupil reflexes? Whole brain death
Which of the following religions typically prohibits its followers from receiving blood transfusions? Jehovah's witness
The death of a patient from complications of asthma or high blood pressure would be categorized as which general category of cause of death? prolonged
Dr Hans Selye defines stress as a "nonspecific response of the body a demand" (2006) true
Which of the following is NOT a form of advance directive? Document of self-actualization
The patient statement " I know I will be in a better place" is part of: acceptance
What type of life-support treatment would be considered ultimately futile and its benefits far outweighed by the financial and emotional burden suffered by the family and health care system? Extraordinary
A patient may be considered a candidate for donation after cardiac death (DCD) if his or her heart is predicted to cease functioning within what period of time after removal from mechanical support? 90 minutes
Which of the following needs identified by Maslow would likely be MOST prominent in a surgical patient’s mind? safety
Which of the following needs identified by Maslow would likely be MOST prominent in a surgical patient’s mind? life support
In general, a surgical procedure represents a physical, psychological, social, and spiritual event to the patient. true
For what type of research was Elizabeth Kubler-Ross best known? Five stages of grief
Which of the following religions believes in reincarnation and that the rebirth is influenced by the previous death experience? Buddhism
For what type of research was Sister Callista Roy best known? Adaptation model
Which of the following levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the pinnacle and can be accomplished only when all other needs are met? Self actualization
Who would be responsible for seeking consent from family members for organ donation after a patient is determined to have suffered whole-brain death? facility's gift of life coordinator
A person with only basic physiological functions of respiration, blood pressure, and heartbeat intact is categorized as having suffered which kind of death? Higher brain
SIDS (formerly known as “crib death”) is categorized as which general category of cause of death? sudden
Which area of concern or fear would most likely be the main focus for a toddler scheduled for surgery? Abandonment
Anointing of the sick is a practice of Muslim tradition and includes facing the patient toward the holy city of Mecca. false
A terminally ill patient whose advance directive is to refuse any life-saving efforts by health care workers is choosing which type of euthanasia? passive
What type of procedure or care provides a terminal patient with symptom relief or avoidance and improves quality of the remaining life expectancy? palliative
Which organs or tissues can be recovered after death or after a patient has already been removed from life support? bone
Which of the following terms represents a positive physical and psychological state of a patient? eustress
Which of the following diagnoses is currently used in most jurisdictions of the world to define a state of irreversible death? Whole brain death
Which of the following needs of the surgical patient is related to the identification and understanding of an individual’s place in the universe and may include his or her views on theology, philosophy, or mythology? Spiritual
Which of the following is NOT one of the “Five Stages of Grief”? Repression
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