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Intro to Surgical

Study exam 1

The ARC/STSA administers the national certification examination for surgical technologists and owns the CST® and CSFA® credentials. False
How many phases of surgical case management are there? 3
Which of the following historical figures is considered the father of modern anatomy and changed the traditional approach to anatomical studies? Vesalius
Which of the following roles is defined by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) as providing aid in exposure, hemostasis, and other technical functions that help the surgeon carry out a safe operation with optimal results for the patient? Surgical first assistant
After which of the following military conflicts did Great Britain and the United States begin to train and employ allied health professionals predominantly in the scrub role in surgery? World War II
Which of the following is the membership organization for surgical technology with a board of directors elected by a house of delegates? AST
Which specialist would likely have privileges to surgically treat diseases of the breast, hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal systems, and thyroid gland? General surgeon
What do conscientiousness, problem solving, skills competency, teamwork, and commitment to continuing education represent for a CST? Professional traits
Which term describes the relationship between the CST and the patient or the patient’s family? Therapeutic
The terms entry-level, proficient, and expert practitioners are applied to which of the following? AST recommended clinical ladder levels
Which acronym represents an organization that serves as both an insurer and provider of medical services? HMO
Which term describes a physician-group-owned hospital? proprietary
A physician who is a contracted provider in a PPO or HMO will receive reimbursement for fees based on a capitated rate of payment. True
Which example of nonverbal body language might a patient perceive as a negative attitude from a team member? Tightly folded arms
Which organization develops national certification exams for surgical technologists and surgical first assistants and confers the appropriate credential to eligible certificants? NBSTSA
The hospital’s infection control nurse would report any suspicion of rare or mysterious infectious diseases to which governmental agency? CDC
Surgical technologists may discuss details of their daily experiences as long as they are not in a public place. False
In or by which of the four components of communication would “decoding” take place? Receiver
Which organization would employees of the central sterile processing department likely join as members? IAHCSMM
When an ARC/STSA site visitor is sent to a surgical technology program to verify and clarify records and annual reporting information, to whom does he or she submit the findings? CAAHEP
Surgical technologists and other allied health professionals in perioperative services usually work under the direction of which hospital administrative director? Director of nursing
What type of professional would have DO or DPM after his or her name? Doctor
Which national membership organization’s House of Delegates proposed the creation of the Association of Operating Room Technicians (AORT) in 1969? AORN
Through which hospital department or committee would the certified surgical first assistant (CSFA) submit a request for privileges to work in the operating room? Medical staff
Which of the following historical figures developed the first x-ray machine? Roentgen
Which of the following pioneers of medicine and surgery first developed techniques for surgical antisepsis? Lister
The CST and CSFA credentials are registered trademarks of which organization? NBSTSA
According to the AST position statement on teamwork, which type of environment contributes most to a safe and efficient surgical experience with positive patient outcomes? Collaborative
Which of the following symbols on the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST) logo represents the surgical technologist performing various roles in surgery? Filled circle
Which department would provide services for repair of broken equipment or to do routine preventive checks? Biomedical engineering
Which of the following is an independent, nonprofit national organization that develops standards for and accredits health care organizations in the United States? The Joint Commission
Professionalism is a lifelong commitment for a surgical technologist who has specific duties and responsibilities for providing the highest quality surgical patient care. True
A private surgical technologist is usually employed by which of the following? Surgeon or physician group
Which term describes the surgical technologist’s foundational commitment to professional honesty, confidentiality, fair treatment, cost containment, and attention to the highest level of surgical patient care? Surgical conscience
Which term describes the relationship between the certified surgical technologist (CST) and the other members of the surgical team in the OR? Professional
AST’s mission statement is, “Enhancing the profession to ensure quality patient care.” True
The federal governmental insurance programs under the general heading of CMS include all of the following EXCEPT: CHAMPUS
Which of the following terms is used to describe surgical intervention that does not have to be performed immediately or within a short period of time, for example, a torn meniscus repair? Elective
Which federal regulatory agency is dedicated to enforcing workplace safety and preventing worker injuries? OSHA
What does the acronym DRG stand for in the hospital setting? Diagnosis related groups
A medical device or surgical piece of equipment that has failed would have to be taken out of service and any patient injury reported to which of the following agencies? FDA
Which of the following behaviors would NOT be considered an example of “workplace violence”? Yielding to the other's viewpoint
Which of the following surgical team members would be primarily responsible for maintaining the patient’s operative record and transporting the patient to the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU)? Circulating RN
Which of the following membership organizations would the circulating RN in the operating room likely join as a member? AORN
Which of the following surgical team members would be responsible for separating instruments and disassembling the sterile field in the postoperative phase? CST
Created by: lazm1211
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