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Hum 1010 Literature

Hum 1010 Literature cards (Test two)

What are the three Figures of speech Metaphor, Simile, Personification
4 Categories of poems Narrative, Dramatic, Lyrical, and Rimey-dimey
Narrative Poems Tells a story
Dramatic Poems Evoke emotion
Lyrical Poems Really short, and gets to the point
Rimey-dimey Poems Poetry for fun (dog-girl)
A poem that is didactic Straight forward
A poem that is expressive Leave their meanings to the reader
Informal Essay Used to persuade, and is conversational
Formal Essay Used to educate, Complicated subject, and polite language
Biographies contain what? Life and times. Facts, and Anecdotes
Fiction is made up of what? Picaresque, Manners, Realism, Epistolary, Lyrical, Historical
Picaresques are? The adventures of an ecentric character
Manners are? Everthing is about the human relationships
Realism is? Taking the truth a step farther
Epistolary is? A noval told through a letter
Lyrical is? A short story with limited characters and a definate theme
Historical Everything in the background is real but the characters and story don't have to be
Major characters Story is about them, have thoughts and feelings, personality, have a past, and change
Minor Characters Have personality, and are also throw alway characters
Walk Ons Scenery, stereotypical, and throw away characters
Hub Character Doesn't change but changes those around them
Created by: Foxman