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FCM midterm

Add on notes for midterm

The 5 characteristics of blood stagnation 1. Pain (sharp, worse w/ pressure, worse at night) 2. Masses & Swelling (lumps, hard, fixed) 3. Bleeding (Dark purple) 4. Dark Purplish Discoloration 5. Pulse (choppy, irregular)
Blood Stagnation in Heart heart pain
Blood stagnation in Lung chest pain coughing blood
blood stagnation in stomach/intestine pain in epigastria vomiting blood black/dark brown stool
Blood yu in liver hypochondriac pain palpable masses (enlarged liver)
blood yu in uterus lower abdominal pain irregular menstruation -dysmenorrhea -amenorrhea -dark red menstrual flow Excessive uterine bleeding
Xue yu in the extremities gangrene
blood yu in the muscle or skin area area may become purplish in color/ subcutaneous hematoma
Excess yang is caused by heat cold pathogen that transforms to heat emotional imbalance turning to heat (qi stagnation>heat/fire> canker sores, red tongue, constipation, anger) qi and blood yu diet (spicy, greasy foods, alcohol)
S/S of Excess Yang RAPID/FORCEFUL PULSE high fever Red eyes, face, tongue constipation dark yellow urine yellow coat on tongue, red tongue
Excess of Yin is caused by Cold, damp, yin pathogen Excessive consumption of raw cold food/herbs
S/S of Excess Yin pale tongue w/ white coat slow forceful pulse pale & listless complexion aversion to cold and cold limbs loose stool/diarrhea clear/frequent urination
Deficiency of Yang caused by congenital deficiencies acquired deficiencies (lack of nutrition, overexertion, chronic diseases)
S/S of Def. of Yang pale, listless complexion (no shine or spirit) aversion to cold & cold limbs pale tongue w/white coat slow & forceless pulse clear urination, frequent diarrhea
Deficiency of Yin caused by congenital deficiencies pathogenic yang that damages yin (yang excess consumes yin) unbalanced emotions (qi stagnation) chronic disease overexertion hot/spicy food & herbs
S/S of Def of Yin RED TONGUE W/LITTLE OR NO COATING THIN, RAPID, FORCELESS PULSE 5-center heat tidal fever or low grade fever red face thirst night sweat (only) dry throat & dry mouth
Causes and S/S of collapse of yin 1.severe pathogenic heat 2. causes that deplete yin-fluid (severe vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding, sweating) S/S: PROFUSE STICKY SWEATING RAPID, FAINT (MINUTE) PULSE warm limbs, SOB, thirst, irritability
Causes and S/S of collapse of yang 1.pathogen so strong that R. Qi can't stop it 2.Yang qi is very week constitutionally 3.Loss of body fluid through sweating, vomiting, bleeding, diarrhea S/S: PROFUSE COLD SWEAT LIKE PEARLS FAINT(MINUTE)DEEP PULSE, very cold limbs & chill
Created by: nicoleinsd2