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Im a boy

How did Paul get into the second soccer game? Victor reopened a cut on his head and had to go to the emergency room.
What was wrong with the Tangerine Times the day after the news van showed up at practice? They put Nita Shirali's picture with Maya Pandhi's name under it.
What happened when Paul tried to get Joey to join his work group in science class? Joey got really mad at him and then made some racist remarks about the kids at Tangerine Middle School.
Why are the adults upset about Mr. Donnelly's house? He put ten lightning rods up on his roof instead of one.
What happened when the community tried to put out the muck fires? They poured water on them and caused the mosquito population to explode.
What was happening in the houses that were tented for termites? They were being robbed while the tents were over them.
What did Paul find on Dad's computer when he was working on his report? He found a folder with football scholarship offers for Eric.
Created by: tholder7