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Minilesson Ch3

Chapter Three Minilesson

What vector is responsible for Malaria? Anopheles mosquito
What type of countries do parasitic infections effect most? Third world countries
What fluke worm infection can lead to chronic diseases, such as bladder cancer? Schistosomiasis
How is schistosomiasis diagnosed? Urine, or Stool Sample
A common symptom of parasitic infections is..? Nausea,Fever, Fatigue
A mosquito is a ? Vector
A roundworm is a ? Helminth
An example of a disease caused by a protozoan is? Giardia Lamblia
What parasitic infection involves beavers, and small aquatic animals? Giardia Lamblia
Convulsions could be a sign/symptom of? Malaria
What disease is the lead infectious disease killer in the world? Malaria
What parasitic infection can causes grotesque enlargement of the genitals? Elephantiasis
What third-world country has the most cases of elephantiasis? Africa
What is a cause of the high mortality rate of malaria? Lack of medical equipment in third world countries.
A string test is used to diagnose? Giardia Lamblia
Ascaris Lumbricoides is responsible for the disease..? Ascariasis
Roundworms, hookworms, fluke worms, flatworms are all considered? Helminths
Most parasitic infections occur in the..? Gastrointestinal tract
Schistosomiasis is caused by a parasite. This parasite is contracted in the..? Water
Malaria attacks and destroys...? Red blood cells
Prevention of parasitic diseases is improvement of..? Sanitation
Why is Malaria so deadly? Hemolysis
Roundworm that most commonly causes Elephantiasis Brugia Malayi
2nd leading causes of infectious death worldwide? Schistosomiasis
Created by: ccarroll21092
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