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Egypt, Hebrew, Stage

Egyptian, Hebrew and staging

Egyptian Era (????BC-????BC) 3,000BC-2,000BC
Was there Drama in the Bible? No, but there was Dramatic structure in the Bible
What type of plays were done by the Egyptians? (4 types) Abydos Passion Plays, Heb Sed, Pyramid Play, and Medicinal Play
Heb Sed celebrated 30 years of reign
Pyramid Play written on the tomb walls
Medicinal Play Plays for healing
raked stage stage on an angle
masking obscuring somebody/something on stage
blocking planned movement on stage
cheating opening up to the audience
space the theater itself
cross moving from one area to another
counter-cross others adjust to a cross
What are the body positions starting at full front and go clockwise Full Front-Quarter right-right profile-3/4 right-full back-3/4 left-left profile-quarter left
List 3 good examples of cues 1. light 2. verbal 3. movement
space (positioning) a person surrounded by space draws attention to them
What is an Abydos Passion Play a play with suffering, death and resurection
Name 2 books in the Bible that have dramatic structure 1. Job 2. Song of Solomon
List 2 examples of business 1. smoking 2. checking watch
Batten a rod that holds up microphones and other props
What are some pros of the proscenium stage good for blocking, set changes are behind a curtain
List the pros of a 3/4 thrust stage good seating, audience is closer to action
list the pros of an arena stage larger audience, its a novelty
Focus The audiences focus goes to where the characters are focusing
Light A character in a strong pool of light dominates over those in dim light
color vibrant colors draw attention
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