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CLLS-202 Exam I

Physical and Chemical Urinalysis

pale color of urine straw
Ictotest confirms bilirubin test
glomerulus tuft of capillaries in the nephron
nitrites test indicates bacteria
pH measurement determines acidic or alkaline urine
SSA backup test for protein - albumin and globulin
medulla central area of kidneys, contains tubules
cortex outer area of kidney, contains glomerulus
Watson-Schwartz test for urobilinogen and porphobilinogen
Erlich dicovered the methodology/reagent for urobilinogen test
ureter carries urine from kidneys to bladder
GFR volume filtered by the glomerulus over time
osmolality tests concentrating ability of kidney using freezing point depression
Refractometer measures concentration using refractive index of light
amber color of urine when bilirubin is present
glucose analyte in urine eleveated in Diabetes Mellitus
bladder elastic muscular sac that stores urine
nephron working unit of the kidney
Acetest backup test for ketones
Rothera Along with Legal developed strip testing for ketones
Tubules portion of the nephron where final concentration of the urine is done
blood chemical testing based on the pseudoperoxidase ability of heme
Clinitest backup test for reducing substances
Ultrafiltrate contains everything that blood plasma contains minus large molecules
Benedict responsible for copper backup test - Clinitest
Albumin The portion of protein measured by dipstick technology
Anuria absence of urine
Greiss nitrite chemstrip reaction
Renal threshold the most that can be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream
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