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Foreign Policy Vocab


foreign policy the strategies and goals that guide a nation's relations with other countries
national security protection of a nation's borders and territories against invasion of control by foreign powers
isolationism the avoidance of involvement in world affairs
Monroe Doctrine a foreign policy establisehd in 1823 to isolate Eurpore from the United States
containment foreign policy that stated that the U.S. would respond to any action by the Soviets; they didn't want communism to spread
detene a relaxation of tensions between nations
Commander-in-Chief President's job to control the army
Head of State President is the symbol of the country
ambassador an official of the government who represents the nation in dipolmatic matters
treaty a formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries
Secretary of State head of cabinet; gives president info
Secretary of Defense head of cabinet; gives president info
National Security Advisor director of the National Security Council Staff
Central Intelligence Agency gathers info about other countrie to give to the president
executive agreements agreement made between president and head of state
most-favored-nation reduces tariff rates on all exports to the nation; can be overturnedby 2/3 congressional vote
bipartisan consisting of both major political parties
embassy an ambassador's official residence/office in a foreign country
consulate office that promotes American business/safegaurds its travelers its travelers in a foriegn country
mutual defense alliances an agreement between nations to supprt each other in an attack
regional security pacts mutual defense treaty among nations of a region
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) US and European countries are allies against attacks
multilateral treaties international agreement signed by several nations
bilateral treaties agreement between two nations
collective security nations agree to take action with each other if attacked
Agency for Internation Developmentt (AID) government agency to provide aid for international development
sanctions withholding economic aid to influence a foreign governments activities
internationalism involvment in world affairs
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