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2.02 Vocabulary

Audit process by which an organization's accounts and records are verified.
Business continuity Fulfilling the requirements of the law
Consistency Stability; regularity
Data Facts and figures
Data processing Converting facts and figures into useful information
Decision making Choosing among alternatives
Hack Unauthorized access to a computer system
Information Knowledge, facts, or data presented in a useful form
Information management The process of accessing, processing, maintaining, evaluating, and disseminating knowledge, facts, or data for the purpose of assisting business decision making.
Information overload Communication that is too much and/or comes too fast to process at one time.
Management information system (MIS) An integrated technology that assists with an organization's information management needs.
Outsourcing Acquiring assistance from outside organizations/consultants to obtain goods or services to accomplish business objectives or perform primary business activities.
Proprietary information Private information that belongs to an organization and cannot be released to the public
Sarbanes-Oxley Act A U.S. regulation mandating that public businesses comply with specific accounting reuirements
Spam Junk email that the recipient did not request; also known as unsolicited commercial email
Trade secret Undisclosed information within a particular business or industry
Virus A computer program that downloads to your computer or network without your permission.
Wireless network A computer network connected without the use of wires or cables.
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