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Patents Liu 1

Patents on the first Patents test with Dr. Liu @ AOMA

HA d/t wind or exterior WC w/ HA Chuan Xiong Chao Tiao San
WCD + weak constitution Ren Shen Bai Du San
WCD + body aches, no sweating Jing Fang Bai Du San
Mneumonic for WC JR's got a Cold (JRC)
Mneumonic for WH Sell Your GD Green Garden @ Zilker & Xeroscape! (SYGGGZX)
Mild WH, dry cough, eye problems San Ju Yin Wan
Sore throat & fever Yin Qiao San
Sore throat, cough, & bleeding Gan Mao Dan
Taiyang & Shaoyang: fever and chills, sore throat, stiff upper back/neck, viral pneumonia Gan Mao Ling
Fever, sore throat, swollen galnds, UTI, yellow mucus Gan Mao Tui
Yangming/Qi level --> Shaoyang, high fever, sore burning throat, restlessness, delirium, heat in UJ Zhong Gan Lin
Qi --> Blood (Starts to affect HT, not for bleeding), high fever (adults), sore red throat, restlessness, delirium. Xi Ling Jie Du Pian
Mnemonic for Relieve Summer Heat/Food Stagnation CW McCall in High School (CWHS)
WC DAMP, MJ yu, N/V, diarrhea, food poisoning, traveler's diarrhea, acute food stagnation, motion sickness, overeating, alcohol hangover Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan
Upset ST, digestive problems d/t poor adjustment of moving, traveling Shen Qu Cha
Food stagnation - dispels damp Curin Wan
Food stagnation - warming. WC affecting the middle, DC affecting SP, cold invading LI Wu Shi Cha
Mneumonic: Nasal d.o. + allergies, 5 sense d.o. Xylem Can Bring Baby Puke Yup (XCBBPY)
Nasal Congestion, Acute/Chronic rhinitis. NEUTRAL. Cang Er Zi Wan
Allergies. Acute or chronic rhinitis, expels WH, superficial. Bi Yan Pian
Nasal Decongestant REMOVES BLOOD STASIS Sinus pain & HA Bi Yuan Pian/Qian Bai Bi Yuan Pian
WDH: Sinusitis heat-type, nose/eyes Pe Min Kan Wan
Austin Area Allergies! Wei qi xu + acute nose sx's. Yu Ping Feng jia Cang Er Zi Wan
WC rhinitis, sinus congestion, copious watery mucus, frontal HA Xin Yi Wan
Mnemonic for Throat Quick, Jeff! But drunken...Quicks, Jeffsh! (QXJFSH)
Chronic dryness of mouth & throat, loss of voice, stop pain "Pure sound pills" Qing Yin Wan
Chronic sore dry throat Xuan Mai Gan Jie Chang Ji
Throat, xu cough "Golden Throat" Jin Sang Zi Pian
sore throat, mouth sores Fu Fang Xi Gua Shuang
Toxic heat in throat, severe sore throat, mouth sores, acute sinus or ear infections Shuang Liao Huo Feng San
Fever w/ delirium Huo Yan Wan
Eyes & Ears "Sex Me!" (SEQMME)
Clear heat, nourish LV & KD yin; subdues yang, brightens eyes Shi Hu Ye Guang Wan
Eyes: LV KD, brighten eyes, subdue yang Shi Hu Ye Guang Wan
Ears & Eyes: KD yin & fux, fluid metabolism, chronic tinnitus & eyes problems Er Long Zuo Zhi Wan
Ear: Acute ear infection Er Yan Ling Oil
Eyes: LV/KD, deficient eyes problems Qi Ju Di Huang Wan
Eyes: LV/KD, Def. type chronic eye problems, dizziness, vertigo, htn, LV Yang Rising Ming Mu Di Huang Wan
WH, heat in LV, eye infection, LIN SYNDROME, cc: pregnancy Ming Mu Sang Qing Pian
Excess Internal or External HEAT, constipation, promote BM, good for weight loss. CC: Pregnancy Fang Feng Tong Sheng San
Toxic Heat or Wind HEAT in UJ, Damp heat in ST - constipation, Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial (organs), promote BM, benefit eyes, throat heat Huang Lian Shang Qing Wan
Severe heat toxin in UJ, use with excess fire, not xu Nin Huang Shang Qing Qan
HT --> SI, promote urination, swollen & sore throat, mouth ulcers, Lin Syndrome, cc: pregnancy Dao Chi Pian (stronger) Dao Chi Wan
Antibacterial, anti-viral small dose preventative, no specific channel Fu Fang Nan Ban Lan Gen Chong Ji
URI - LU flu Kang Bin Du Ke Li
Whole Body fever, excess fire in UJ, Infections & Inflammations Niu Huang Jie Du Pian
Damp Heat Toxin, #1 Antiviral Chuan Xin LIan
Wei Qi xu w/ spontaneous sweating, easy to catch cold Yu Ping Feng San
SP/HT Qi xu, spontaneous sweating, tonify blood, calm shen Ren Shen Yang Ying Wan
LU qi xu Bu Fei Tang Wan
SP qi, warm MJ, raise SP yang, raise prolapsed organs, chronic diarrhea Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan
SP Qi xu MJ, LJ, diarrhea Shen LIng Bai Zhu San
KD Yang xu, cold in lower half of body, sexual dysfunctions Jin gui Shen Qi Wan
KD Yang & Qi xu You Gui Wan
Blood Xu, Gynecological problems: fundamental formula for tonify blood & regulate menses Si Wu Tang Wan
Tonify blood, nourish & invigorate blood, blood xu w/ SP xu Dang Gui Wan
Tonify LV blood, KD essence - hair loss. (Need good digestion!) Shou Wu Pian
Chronic qi & blood xu Ren Shen Shou Wu Wan
Qi & blood xu: gynecology or no (Nu Ke) Ba Zhen Wan
Shen disorders d/t HT blood-Sp qi xu; Sp qi not holding blood, calm shen Gui Pi Tang Wan
SOB, tonify qi and yin Sheng Mai San
KD LV Yin tonic for anti-chemotherapy poisoning Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Yin xu + def fire rushing upwards Da Bu Yin Wan
Qi & blood xu + Yang xu after long illness Shi Quan Da Bu Wan
KD Yang Qi, LV Xue, Sp Qi Xu associated with chronic illness Ge Jie Da Bu Wan
Powder San
Granule Chong Ji
Capsule Jiao nang
Pill Wan
Tablet Pian
Syrup Gao
Fundamental: Increase Liquid decoction Zeng Ye Tang
Fundamental: control middle, nutritive level is more nourished to expel the pathogen Gui Zhi Tang
Fundamental: works with SP to produce blood Si Wu Tang
Fundamental: LV KD Yin Xu Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
Fundamental: Address gastro problem, esp target LV Xiao Yao San
Fundamental: cold or numbness qi stagnation Si Ni San
Fundamental: SP qi xu Si Jun Zi Tang
Fundamental: Drain Damp Er Chen Tang
Tonify Deficiency Take on empty stomach
1st milestone of patents Tai Ping Hui MIn He Ji Ju Fang
Bedsores - add to burn cream Shuang Liao Hour Feng San
Dosage is 3 tablets Chuan Xin Lian
Caution of someone with SP qi xu Si Wu Tan
Menstrual - blood xu only Si Wu Tang
Menstrual - qi & blood xu Ba Zhen Wan
Created by: cintagothy