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unit 3 vocab

morass n. swamp
prevalent adj. frequent and widespread
forlorn adj. deserted
articulate adj. distinct
balk v. to frustrate
termagant n. a scolding woman
stagnant adj. stale and unclean from lack of motion
precarious adj. dangerously uncertain or unstable
prostrate adj. fallen; laying flat
impregnable adj. impossible to catpure or invade; imjpenetrable
cloven adj. split, as by an ax
swarthy adj. of dark complexion
propitiate v. to gain by pacifying
surmise v. to guess
obliterate v. to destroy so that no trace is left
resolute adj. firm, determined
forebear v. to refrain from
surly adj. ill-tempered
carrion n. dead and decomposing flesh
prowess n. great strength and skill
obstinate adj. 1. stubborn 2. resisting cure
usurer n. a moneylender who changes extreme or unlawfully high interest rates
ostentation n. conceited showiness
parsimony n. excessive thift; stinginess
superfluous adj. more than what is needed; unnecessary
pall n. 1. a coffin 2. a covering that darken or obscures 3. dark, gloomy atmosphere
hoary adj. old and white-haired
pensive adj. deeply thoughtful
venerable adj. worthy of respect for its dignity, character, or age
Created by: CassTrav