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A.B. round 15

these belong to what special class of common nouns? outcrop, dropout, supertanker, downtime compound nouns.
this legend is from what U.S. state? at maui, in the haleakala volcano, a great battle ensued between fire and water. hawaii.
either of the extremeties of the earth's axis of a rotation is a.... pole.
convert 1/6 to a percent. 16 2/3%.
helicopters can fly forward, straight up, backward, straight down, and they can remain almost motionless over one spot. this last form of flight is called.... hovering.
how many nouns are in this passage by ambrose bierce?an inventor is a person who makes an ingenious arrangement of wheels, levers and springs and believes it civilization.. 7.
land compromising the northernmost state of the u.s. was purchesed from what country? russia.
all apples are shades of yellow, red, or.... green.
what story features aunt petunias levitating cream-covered, violet-topped custard that crashes and covers harry potter?. harry potter and the chamber of secrets.
to convert a metric measurement preceded by "milli", you should divide by.... 1000.
this is about what? you'll note the life of dick szymanski is not all roses and romanski he centers the ball, he hears a roar- is it a fumble or a score? he accomplishes amazing feats. and what gets photographed?his cleats. football.
what is more southerly of the central american countries that border mexico?. guatemala.
this is about what continent? its northern extremetly is the north cape. its southernmost outpost is crete. it extends from the Atlantic in the west to the urals in the east. Europe
name the sensation of coldness experienced by someone with a fever.. chills.
what two words can be omitted from this sentence without changing its meaning? we must all cooperate together to produce a quality end product. together, end.
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