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Herbs 1-Week 4(B)

Herbs 1-Week 4 - Clear Heat-Clear Deficiency Heat

The malaria herb. (Red T w/ scanty coating. Thin, thready, rapid P.) Also for Summer-Heat (aka Damp-Heat). But the category, of course, is (Yin) Deficiency Heat. Qing Hao (Herba Artemisiae Annuae)
The one for "steaming bone" sensation. Di Gu Pi (Cortex Lycii) (Gu= bone) "ground bone skin"
Clear Deficiency Heat. Treats BOTH XS AND XU! "Cools the Heat of Yin deficiency AS WELL AS the pathogenic factor!" Bai Wei (Radix Cynanchi Atrati aka the white rose)
Clears deficiency Heat w/o damaging Yin. (Don't a TON of herbs do this?) Also for infantile malnutrition (but goes to LIV-ST, not LIV-ST-LI-- that's the Barbarian Yellow Connection.) Yin Chai Hu (silver Chai Hu aka Silver Kindling of the Barbarians) (Radix Stellariae)
Clears (Deficiency) Heat and... (??) Dries Dampness? For dysentery, diarrhea, abscesses. "Similar effects to Yin Chai Hu-- but STRONGER.) Hu Huang Lian (Rhizoma Picrorhizae) (not nearly as useful as Huang Lian)
Most of the herbs for Empty Heat (aka Deficiency Heat) enter one or two of what 2 channels? LIV and KID
Which of these Clear Deficiency Heat herbs enters, as expected, LIV & KID, but also enters the Lung? Actually...there are TWO: Xuan Shen and Di Gu Pi. And while she did mention Di Gu Pi for an "AIDS cough," Xuan Shen is part of a famous sore throat tang, with Bo He and Niu Bang Zi.
Which of these Clear Deficiency Heat herbs enters, as expected, LIV & KID, but also enters the GB? You're right: The malaria one: Qing Hao (aka Herba Artemisiae Annuae)
Even though Deannie said this herb is "not real important," in China it is used post partum to help women regain their strength after delivery. And enters LU & ST-- in addition to KID. The white rose (Bai Wei) aka Radix Cynanchi Atrati
The last 2 Clear Deficiency Heat herbs she gave us, neither of which was "huge," both enter LIV and ST (and the 2nd of the two enters LIV-ST and Large Intestine). For this reason, she says, they are useful for treating what exactly? Infantile malnutrition
What are the two herbs that enter LIV-ST and/or LIV-ST-LI and clear heat for infantile malnutrition? The silver Chai Hu (Yin Chai Hu) and the barbarian Huang Lian (Hu Huang Lian aka Barbarian Yellow Connection)
This "white rose" herb can be used for Lung Heat, can treat "both XS and XU heat," and helps promote normal urination and PROSTATE INFLAMMATION d/t heat in the Lower Jiao. White Rose aka Bai Wei (Radix Cynanchi Atrati)
"Deals with Yin deficiency on a VERY DEEP LEVEL." (Think of the 'steaming bones' sensation commentary- and find it in the name.) Di Gu Pi (Ground Bone Skin aka Cortex Lycii)
Clears Lung Heat ('cause it goes to LIV-KID-LU) for cough-- but only for cough where you NEED MORE MOISTURE (e.g., dry cough). NOT for cough with phlegm. Di Gu Pi (Cortex Lycii) "ground bone skin"
For Lung Heat manifested by cough with PHLEGM. Di Gu Pi (Cortex Lycii) "ground bone skin"
Created by: mrbarr