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Pankration Quiz #4

Pankration Quiz #4 EMS Chapters 13-16

Who did Nicasylus met when he woke up on the ship's deck? An Athenian captain
Does a "portent" tell about the past? No it tells about events in the future
Where was the ship Nic was on headed to? Patras, not far from Olympia
Were the activites at Olympia much more than just a sporting event? Yes lots more
Who was a customer of Nicasylus's step-father? The captain of the ship
How long did the Olympics last? Opening day and 5 more glorious days
What did Nic see Gellius do after he stepped up? Nic saw him draw his marker from the silver pot
Did Amasis hold Nic's money pouch to protect it? No he stole it
What did the captain give Nic before he heads off to Olympia? a pouch of money
How did Amasis make his living? by stealing
What two things did atheltes have to swear under oath about? That they had committed no acts of violence and would uphold the rules of the games
How did Nic feel when he thought he recognized one of the contestants? He was afraid.
Did athletes have to swear under oath that they were who they said they were? Yes they did
Is it true that all athletes had to train for nine months and could not incure the wrath of the gods? Yes those are a couple of the things that the athletes have to swear to under oath
What did the man Nic met along the road to Olympia want him to do? He wanted Nic to help him steal another man's purse and then split what they got
How would you describe the area around Olympia? It was a small place in between water ways, lots of altars and statues, big olive trees and lots of white beautiful buildings.
Why did Nic follow Amasis when Amasis was stealing from the crowd? He wanted to get his money back that Amasis had taken from him
What happened to Nicasylus? Amasis captures him, ties him up and leaves him in a cave
Created by: lenzl