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Macbeth Act V

English 4

What does Lady Macbeth appear to see while sleepwalking? She seems to see blood on her hands and claims nothing will wash it off.
What do the doctor and the gentlewoman think of Lady Macbeth? The marvel at her descent into madness.
Who leads the English army? Malcolm
Where will the armies meet? near Birnam Wood
Where is Macbeth fortifying his army? Dunsinane Castle
Why is Macbeth boasting and unafraid of the approaching armies? Because, "mone of woman born" can harm him.
What other vision by the witches does Macbeth quote? he will rule until, "Birnam Wood remove to Dunsinane".
What do Malcolm and Lord Siward decide to do to hide the number of their troops from Macbeth? Each soldier should cut down a bough of the forest and carry it in front of him.
What has happened to Lady Macbeth? The queen is dead.
What astonishing news is brought to Macbeth> The trees at Birnam Wood are advancing toward Dunsinane Castle.
What does Macbeth now realize? That he will at least die fighting.
what does Malcolm command his army to do? Throw down their boughs and draw their swords.
Why is Macbeth striking those around him so vigorously? Because no man born of woman can harm him.
Who is Macduff looking for? Macbeth
Who enters the castle? Malcolm and Siward
What does Macduff tell Macbeth on the battlefield? He is not of woman born, but rather, "untimely ripped."
Who has now captured the castle? Malcolm and Siward
What does Macduff bring to Malcolm and Siward? Macbeth's head.
Who is now king of Scotland? Malcolm
Created by: chino122
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