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Wilma 4

Medical Terminology Suffixes

-a Condition of
-aemia blood
-ac/-al concerning/pertaining to
-algia pain
-blast immature cell
-cele swelling/protusion
-cnetesis to puncture/tapping
-cide kill/destroy
-syte cell
-desis binding together
-dynia pain
-ectasis dilation
-ectomy surgical removal of
-gen priducing/forming
-genesis forming or origin
-genic producing or forming
-gram picture/tracing
-graph machine that records/tracing
-graphy procedure of recording/tracing
-gravida pregnancy
-ia/iasis condition of/state of
-iac pertaing to
-iatric pertaining to medicine/physician
-ic concerning/pertaining to
-iosis/-ism condition of/state of
-itis inflammation of
-lith stone
-lithiasis condition/presence of stones
-lysis destruction/splitting/breaking down
-malacia softening
-megaly enlargement of
-meter measure
-natal birth
-oedema swelling caused by excess fluid
-ology study of/science of
-oma tumor
-opia condition of the eye
-orrhage burst forth/bleeding
-orrhagia condition of heavy bleeding
-orrhaphy sew/repair
-orrhoea flow/discharge
-oscopy examination with a lighted instrument
-osis condition of
-ostomy artificial opening into
-otomy cutting into/dividing/incision
-para given birth
-pathy disease
-penia lack of/decreased
-pexy fixation of
-phagia swallowing
-phasia speech
-philia liking/loving/affinity for
-phobia irrational fear
-phylaxis protection/prevention
-plasia formation
-plasty form/mould/reconstruct
-plegia paralysis
-pnoea breathing
-ptosis deooping/falling
-rhythmia rhythm
-sclerosis hardening
-scope lighted instrument used to examine
-scopy examination with a lighted instrument
-stasis cessation of movement/flow
-stenosis narrowing
-tome cutting instrument
-tripsy crushing
-trophy nourishment/food
-uria condition of urine
Created by: wils3957