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Wilma 2

Medical Terminology Root Words

Root WordMeaning
abdomin/o abdomen
aden/o gland
albumen-/albumin- albumin
albeolo air sac
andro- man
angio- vessel
aorto- aorta
appendico- appendix
arterio- artery
arthro- joint
atrio- atrium/upper chamber of heart
bili bile
blepharo- eyelid
broncho- bronchus/tube to the lung
bronchiolo- bronchiole/small air tube in lung
cardio heart
carpo wrist/hand
cephalo head
cerebro- brain
cervico- cervic/neck
cholangio- bile/biliary Vessels
chole- bile
chondro- cartilage
colo-/colono- colon (large intestine)
colpo vagina
corono- heart
costo- rib
craino- skull containing brain
cysto- bladder
cyto- cell
dento- tooth
dermo-/dermato- skin
duodeno- duodenum (part of intestine)
encephalo- brain
endocardio- lining of heart
endometrio- edometrium (lining of uterus)
entero- intestine
gastro- stomach
gingivo- gums
glosso- tongue
glyco- sugar
gyno-/gynaeco- woman
haemo-/haemato- blood
hepo-/hepato- liver
hernio- hernia, rupture, protusion
histo- tissue
hystero- womb
iatro- doctor/physician
ileo- ileum (part of intestine)
ilio- ilium(pbone of the pelvis)
immuno- immunity
jejuno- jejunum (part of intestine)
laparo- abdomen/abdominal wall
laryngo- larynx/voice
leuco- white
lipo- fat
lith- stone
lympho- lymphatic, lymph/tissue fluid
lymphadeno- lymph gland
lymphangio- lymph vessel
mammo-/masto- breast
meningo meninges/membrane covering brain & spinal cord
menisco- meniscus (knee cartilage)
meno- menstruation/monthly period
metro- womb
myelo- marrow/spinal cord
myo-/myos- muscle
myocardio- myocardium (heart muscle)
myometrio- myometrium (muscle of uterus)
myringo- eardrum
naso- nose
natal birth
nephro- kidney
neuro- nerve
ocluo- eye
oesophago oesophagus (gullet)
onco- tumour
onycho- nail
oophoro- ovary
ophthalmo- eye
opto- sight/eye
orchio-/orchido- testis/male gonad/male gland
osteo- bone
oto- ear
paedo- child
pancreato- pancreas
patho- disease
pericardio- outer layer of heart (covering of heart)
phago- swallow, eat
pharmaco- drug
pharyngo- pharynx/throat
phlebo- vein
pleuro- lung
pneumo-/pneumono- air/gas/lung
procto- rectum/anus
prostate- prostate gland
pulmono- lung
pyo- pus
pyro- fever
recto- rectum
rhino- nose
salpingo- fallopian/uterine tube
sigmodio- sigmoid colon
spleno- spleen
steato- fat
stoma-/stomato mouth
thermo- heat
thoraco- chest/thorax
thrombo- blood clot
thyro- thyroid/gland in neck
tonsillo- tonsils/lymph gland
tox-/toxico- poison
trachea- windpipe/trachea
vaso- vessel
veno- vein
ventrico-/ventriculo- ventricle (lower chamber of heart)
Created by: wils3957