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DigitalPhoto midterm

What kind of art does Andy Warhol do? Pop Art
Black and white images that look hypnotic are called... op art
aesthetic means beauty, the beautiful components in a work of art
What artist's work is described by: consumerism, poster art, classicism Barbara Kruger
Four ways to make your work 3D aerial perspective, object placement in relation to horizon, value, overlap
diagonal lines in a photo point to one distinct point one point perspective
diagonal lines in a photo point to two distinct points two point perspective
how do you add a filter to a photo? go to filter on the toolbar
The George and Gilbert style is an example of Non Objective Art
When and where did Shirin Nishat live? In Iran before the Islamic Revolution
How long was Shirin Nishat in exile? 11 years
Shirin Nishat uses excerpts from the ______ in her photos the Koran
Shirin Nishat abides by _____ customs Islamic
What pattern of repeating dots does Roy Lichtenstein use, and how did he do this? Halftoning, and he did this using stencils
Roy Lichtenstein is an example of Pop Art
The principles of design include (their are nine) harmony, variety, unity, rhythm, gradation, emphasis, balance, movement, proportion
When everything is similar in a photo, this is... harmony
When everything is different in a photo, this is... variety
the balance of harmony and variety is... unity
the repeating of something in a photo is rhythm
the slow change of an element in a photo is gradation
the key subject in a photo is emphasis
when everything in a photo is in relative size, this is proportion
when your eye is carried in a photo, this is movement
the two different kinds of balance are symmetric and assymetric
when both sides of a photo have equal weight distribution, this is called symmetric balance
when one side of a photo is "heavier" than the other, this is asymmetric balance
The different elements of art include line, shape, form, value, color, texture, and space
a line has ____ dimensions. It is/they are... one-length
how many dimensions does a shape have? These are? two- length and height
how many dimensions does a form have, and what are they? three- length, height, and depth
color can be described by hue, intensity, and value
the way a surface looks or feels texture
lightness or darkness value
brightness of a color intensity
these lines heighten a photo vertical
these lines add calmness or stability horizontal
a sillhouette has ___ dimensions, because it is a _____ two dimensions, it's a shape
dynamic, moving lines diagonal lines
area around an object negative space
area within a space positive space
primary colors of radiated light red, blue and green
primary colors of reflected light red, blue, yellow
how do we see color? All waves but the color pigment itself (which is reflected) are absorbed by the object
know where all photoshop tools are are you seriously looking for an answer for that? It wasn't even a question!
healing brush fixes imperfections
blur tool takes part of a photo out of focus
clone stamp copies part of a picture
brush tool lets you "paint" on a picture
difference between hand and move tool move tool moves a selected area, hand tool moves a zoomed in area
gradient tool lets you blend colors together
dodge tool lightens a photo
burn tool darkens a photo
to make words curve on a photo, use this tool pen tool
for matting, add ____ inches to the vertical and ___ inches to the horizon five inches to vertical, four to horizontal
name three selection tools rectangular marquee, magic wand, lasso tool
what tool looks like "a finger smearing" smudge
to see the opacity slide bar, you look at the top of the layer box
to select a color in a image, use the eyedropper tool
to get the rulers to appear go to view and then rulers
how do you make the toolbox reappear? go to tools and view toolbox
Which sensor uses more energy? CCD
which sensor is used by SLR cameras? CMOS
the five functions of a camera lens are... depth of field, angle of view, f-stop, focus, focal length
the distance from lens to sensor plane is the focal length
normal camera lens size 35-70 mm
wide angle camera lens size less than 21 mm
telephoto lens size 135-300 mm
ultra wide angle lenses (12-19mm) fish eye lens
when a camera cannot zoom fixed focal length
a lens with a wide aperture fast lens
a lens that cannot be removed from the camera fixed lens
pixel is a combination of the two words picture element
when quality is bad and distracting, this is called noise
LCD means liquid crystal display
an actual change in lens to magnify an image is optical zoom
digital zoom involves the process of interpolating
interpolating is when image is cropped, and then expanded to its original size.
the higher the iso setting the more sensitive the sensor is to light
three iso settings are slow, medium, and fast
slow iso speeds 80-100
On a sunny day, use this iso (give a number range!) low ISO- 80 or 100
medium iso speed (number) 200
fast iso speed (number) at least 400, for instance- 400, 800, 1600
increasing the ISO also (increases/decreases) the possible shutter speed increases
the smaller the f-stop... ...the more light is let in
area of acceptable focus depth of field
if you want a narrow depth of field, use f-stops like 1.4, 2.8, 4
if you want a wide depth of field, use this f-stop 16- 20
the proper shutter is shown in what color? red
what setting is shown by shutter speeds? the TV
the setting that controls how long the shutter stays open shutter speed
slow shutter speeds B setting, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/15, 1/30
what should you use when using a slow shutter speed? a tripod
how do you pan? Carry the camera along the path of the moving object while clicking the camera button
what allows for multiple images a frame? a strobe
what are side effects of a flash? harsh shadows
fast shutter speeds 1/500, 1/1000
who created special strobes for fast moving photography? Harold Edgerton
What does the zoom tool do? Magnify an area
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