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What is a dominion? Regions ruled by someone
What is precipitous? very steep, perpendicular, or overhanging in rise or fall
What is veers? To change direction, shift, turn or change from a course
Why did Phaethon go to Apollo's palace? To show Epaphos that he is Apollo's son
What did Phaethon ask Apollo if he could to do? If he could ride in his golden chariot to show everyone he was the son of Apollo.
What happened to Phaethon? Phaethon was to light so the horses thought there was no master and were scared and started acting up so he let go of the reins.
How did Phaethon die? Zeus shot a lightning bolt at the chariot to save the world and Phaethon fell from the sky and died.
What did we get from this story? We got the popple tree or the weeping willow.
Why did Pluto come out from the underworld? Because under Mt. Atena gods buried alive fire breathing giants and they were struggling to get free and they shook the earth so mightily that pluto was alarmed.
Who shot Pluto with a love dart? Eros
Why did Eros shoot Pluto with a dart? So that Pluto could also feel the pangs of love.
What resulted of Pluto getting shot by a dart? He fell in love with Persephone and took her to the underworld with him.
What did Demeter do when she found out that her daughter was gone? She made nothing on earth prosper or grow. The cattle died, the seed would not come up, men and oxen toiled in vain, too much sun, too much rain, thistles and weeds were the only thing that grew. Thought that mankind would die of hunger.
What did Zeus do when Demeter came to him? He sent Hermes to the underworld to get Persephone.
Why did Persephone have to return to the underworld 1/3 of the year? Because she sucked the pulp from four pomegrante seeds.
What did we get from this story? The four seasons.
What was Daedalus? An Architect.
What did King Minos of Crete do to him? He imprisoned him so it was nearly impossible to escape.
Did Daedalus escape? Yes, but not the island.
What did he gather everyday to try to escape? Feathers
What did Daedalus do with the feathers? He fastened them together with thread, molded them with wax and so fashioned 2 great wings like those of a bird.
Who else did he make a pair of wings for? Icarus
What did he tell Icarus not to do? Fly very high or very low, for the fog will weigh you down and the sun woud melt your wings.
Created by: mwilson2