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Wilma 1

Medical Terminology Lesson 1 - 12

BCG tuberculosis vaccine
DTP diphteria, tetanus and pertussis
Hib Protection for babies of 2 months against a type of influenza
MMR measles, mumps and rubella
Pertussis whooping cough
arthroscopy examination of a joint with a lighted instrument
asthma wheezing and difficulty in breathing
biopsy to remove living tissue from the body
diabetes group of metabolic diseases in the production of insulin
diphtheria infectious disease in childrens formation of membranes in the throat and nose
effusion leak of bloods, serum, fluid into tissue or cavities
hypertension excessive high blood pressure
immunisation creating immunity by artifical means
obesity excessive development of fat throughtout the body
pertussis whooping cough
polio viral disease that attacks the central nervous system
rheumatologist study of joints, muscles, tendons and ligiments
tetanus wound comtanination by spores from the soil
Cardiology study of the heart
Dermatology study of the skin
Edocrinology study of the endocrine glands
Gastro-Enterology study of the intestinal track
Gerontology study of old age and the ageing process
Gynaecology study diseases of the female genital tract
Neurology study of nerves
Oncology study of tumors
Ophthalmology study of eyes
Pathology study of the nature and causes of diseases
Psychology study of the mind
Radiology study of radiation
Rheumatology study of joints, muscles, tendions and ligiments
Urology study of the urinary tract
FRCS fellow of the royal college of surgens
abduction moving the limb away from the body
adduction moving the limb towards the body
adipose the natue of fat
articular pertaining to a joint
carpal bone in hand or wrist
cartilaginours nature of cartilage
cervical relates to vertibra in neck or cervix
circumduction muscle around a joint
clavicle collor bone
BCh bachelor of surgery
BS bachelor of science
DCH Diploma in child health
MB bachelor of medicine
MRCGP member royal college general practitioners
coccyx small bones joined/together (tail of the spine)
condyloid freely movable joint
fibrous tissue formation as occurs in scar tissue
fibula thin bone in lower leg
flexion bending or moving a joint
fracture break in the bone
hyoid U shaped bone above the thyroid cartilage
humerus thigh bone
ilium bone of the pelvis
lateral at the side but away from the centre
lumbar vertabra bone
maxillo 2 bones forming the jaw
medial toward the middle or center
metacarpal bone in the hand
metatarsal bone in the foot
patella knee cap
phalanges tips of bones
pronation palm of the hand downwards
radius bone in forearm
sacrum pelvic bone
scapula shoulder blade
sphincter muscle band opening internal or external
sternum breast bone
supination rotate the forearm so palm faces upwards
suture close or stitch wound
tarsal toe bone
tennis elbow disorder which effects the forearm muscle
tibia lower leg bone
thoracic chest vertibra
ulna forearm bone
vertebra spinal coloum bone
vertebrae several spinal bones
MCSP member royal college phsicians
SHO senior house officer
acetabular socket of the hip joint
angulation angles formed by bones
anaesthesia loss of feeling in body induced by drugs
avascular poor blood supply to an area leads to death
Colles' wrist fracture
femoral artery from groin to the knee
intra-cranial bleeding within the cranium
laceration torn/ragged edges around a wound
maxillofacial surgen who repairs facial bones
necrosis death of body tissue
physiotherapy treatment by natural forces
zygomatic union of bones in the ear and jaw
Created by: wils3957