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Lenape 2

words from 1/21/10 (conversations in Lenape lesson 2)

naxkumi answer me!
ksi please
e-e yes
askaskwe it is green
askaskwsu he or she is green
chahkol frog
chahkolak frogs
ahkwiyan blanket
ahkwiyana blankets
mpalsi I am sick
ku mayay not quite well
newikwihela I am tired
nkesi I am hot
ntakohchi I am cold
kweti 1
nisha 2
naxa 3
newa 4
palenaxk 5
kwetash 6
nishash 7
xash 8
peshkunk 9
telen 10
telen ok kweti 11
nishinxke 20
xinxke 30
neinxke 40
palenaxk twinxke 50
kwetash twinxke 60
nishash twinxke 70
xash twinxke 80
peshkunk twinxke 90
kwetapxki 100
nishapxki 200
naxapxki 300
neopxki 400
paopxki 500
kwetash txapxki 600
nishash txapxki 700
xash txapxki 800
peshkunk txapxki 900
telen txen kwetapxki 1000
seksu he/she is black
seksuwak they are black (animate)
opsu he/she is white
opsuwak they are white (animate)
askaskwsu he/she is green
askaskwsuwak they are green (animate)
aonsu he/she is blue
aonsuwak they are blue (animate)
wipunkwsu he/she is gray
wipunkwsuwak they are gray (animate)
wisawsu he/she is yellow
wisawsuwak they are yellow (animate)
maxksu he/she is red
maxksuwak they are red (animate)
seke it is black
sekeyo they are black (inanimate)
ope it is white
opeyo they are white (inanimate)
askaskwe it is green
askaskweyo they are green (inanimate)
aone it is blue
aoneyo they are blue (inanimate)
wipunkwe it is gray
wipunkweyo they are gray (inanimate)
wisae it is yellow
wisaeyo they are yellow (inanimate)
maxke it is red
maxkeyo they are red (inanimate)
palsi to be sick
wikwihela to be tired
kesi to be hot
akohchi to be cold
alemska to leave/go away
machi to go home
machitam let's go home
awen someone
wendaxa come here
Nuxati dear father
asuu he/she sings
kentku he/she dances
gawi he/she sleeps
milimu he/she cries
Created by: alcarohtare



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