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R and J Act One Quiz

Romeo and Juliet Act One Quiz - LP

Where is the setting of the play? Verona, Italy
Why are the Montagues and Capulets feuding? It is unknown.
How will the play end? "A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life" - Prologue
How long does it take to perform this play? Two hours
Who are the two servants of the Capulet family? Sampson and Gregory
Who are the two servants of the Montague family? Abram and Balthasar
Which Capulet is said to be "quick-tempered"? Tybalt
What does Prince Escalus state he will do to the next person who disturbs the peace? They will be put to death.
Who are Lord and Lady Montague concerend about? Romeo
Who talks to Romeo about why he is upset? Benvolio
Why is Romeo depressed? He is in love with Rosaline, but she has no interest in him.
Who wants to marry Juliet? Count Paris
How long must Paris wait to marry Juliet? Two years.
Who does Capulet send to invite guests to his party? His servant Peter
Who does Peter ask to read the guest list? Romeo
How do Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio show up to the party? In masks
Why won't Romeo dance at the party? He is upset about Rosaline.
Who recognizes Romeo as a Montague at the party? Tybalt
What do Romeo and Juliet realize about eachother at the party? They are children of their family's great enemy.
Which character is described as a calm, peacemaker? Benvolio
Who does Romeo love at the beginning of the play? Rosaline
How does Juliet treat her mother? She is respectful.
How does Lord Capulet react to the Montagues showing up to the party? He welcomes them and wants Tybalt to leave Romeo alone.
How does Romeo learn who Juliet is? The nurse
Created by: MrsHall