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Art 15 Vocab

art 15 vocab

Composition An ordered relationship among the parts or elements in pictorial space. In drawing, the arrangement with the format.
Contour Line A line that follows the outer edge of a form or a group of forms.
Cross-Contour Lines Lines that pass over the interior surface of a form, defining its three-dimensional shape
Crosshatching A series of overlapping parallel lines used to indicate shading or volume.
Edge The place where two things meet (for example, where the sky meets the ground); the line of separation between two shapes or a space and a shape.
Eye Level Height of your eyes when looking at an object. You may be looking down, up, or directly at an object. In perspective drawing, eye level can be the same level as the horizon line.
Foreshortening Optical illusion that form is distorted as it recedes/comes forward in space. Closer aspects look large, the farther sections appear smaller, and the midsection appears shorter. The degree of 4shortening distortion depends on the position of viewing.
Format The particular shape of a drawing or painting surface--rectangular, square, circular, triangular, etc.; the proportion of the surface, eg., the relationship of the length to the width in a rectangular surface.
Gesture Quick scribbles or marks designed to show movement or action by flowing over and through the interior of a form or composition.
Grid Evenly space lines, running horizontally and vertically at right angles, that divide a surface into small rectangles or squares.
Hatching Closely placed parallel lines running as diagonals, verticals or horizontals across a surface to create shading.
Negative Space The shape of the space around an object, between several objects, or in an opening within an object; for example, the space between the handle and the body of a cup is a negative space or shape.
line Quality A variety of width, value, and activity in a drawn line.
Proportion The size of one object in relation to another, or the size of one part of an object in relation to another part.
Sighting In drawing, measuring relative sizes by means of a constant measure (the pencil held at arm's length is the most common measuring device); determining relative points in a drawing-- the location of one part relative to some other parts.
Value The range of dark to light in a picture. White is the lightest, black is the darkest.
Vanishing Point. In linear perspective drawing, where receding parallel lines converge. (at a vanishing point on the horizon line).
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