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CAM basic-hd,bac,gyn

CAM basic-head, trunk, bac, gyn

Occ. HA G20, B60, SI3
Frontal HA ST8, Yintang, Du23, LI4, S44
Shaoyang HA Taiyang, G8, SJ5, G41
Vertex HA Du20, SI3, B67, Liv3
Liv Yang Rize HA G20, DU20, G5, G43, Liv2
Qi Xue Xu HA Du20,Ren6, B18, B20, B23, S36
Facial pain-forehead G14, Taiyang, B2, SJ5
Facial pain d/t W-C G20
Facial pain d/t Liv/S excess fire Liv 3, S44
Deviation of eye and mouth SJ17, G14, Taiyang, SI18, S7, S4, S6, LI4
All Hypochondriac pain LIv14
Excess type hypo pain SJ6, G34
Deficiency hypo pain B18, B23, S36, Sp6, Liv3
Low back pain B23, Du3, B40
Cold-Damp Low back pain B23, Du3, B40 + B25, B26
Low Back Pain - K Yang Xu Du4, Yaoyan
Low Back Pain - K Yin Xu B52, K3
Low Back Pain - Trauma Du26, Yaotongxue, ashi
Bi syndrome -Shoulder LI15, SJ14, SJ19, SI10
Wandering Bi B17, SP10
Painful Bi B23, Ren4
Fixed Bi S36, Sp5
Heat Bi Du14, LI11
Tendon Bi GB34
Bone Bi B11, G39
urinary incontinece Ren3, Sp6
fecal incontinence B25, B32
Early menses d/t blood heat LI11, Ren3, Sp10, K5
Early menses d/t Qi xu Ren6, Sp6, Ren12, S36
Late menses d/t blood xu and cold Ren4, Ren, Sp6
early menses w/ dizzy blurred vision Ren4, Ren, Sp6 + Du20
early menses d/t Qi stag S25, K13, Sp8, Liv3
irreg menses d/t Liv Qi Yu Ren6, K14, P5, Liv5
irreg menses d/t K xu Ren4, B23, K8
Dysmenorrhea-general excess Ren3, B32, LI4, SP10, SP8, Liv3
Dysmenorrhea(excess) w/pain in low ab Ren3, B32, LI4, SP10, SP8, Liv3 + K14, S28
Dysmenorrhea(excess) w/COLD pain in low ab Ren3, B32, LI4, SP10, SP8, Liv3 + S29, S27
Dysmenorrhea d/t deficiency Ren4, B20, B23, S36, SP6
Amenorrhea general point SP6
Amenorrhea d/t Blood stag Ren3, S29, SP10, Liv3, LI4 (with mass add K14)
Amenorrhea d/t Blood Xu Ren4, B18, B20, B23, S36
Uterine bleeding moxa SP1
uterine bleed d/t heat moxa SP1 + Ren3, SP10, Liv8
uterine bleed d/t qi deficiency Du20, Ren4, S36, SP6, SJ4
Leukorrhea - SP Xu G26, Ren6, B30, Sp9, S36
Leukorrhea - K Xu B23, Ren4, K12, G26, K7
Leukorrhea - Damp-Heat Ren3, B32, SP6, Liv 3
Morning sickness Ren12, P6, S36
Prolonged labor SP6, B67
Malposition of fetus moxa B67
Insufficient lactation S18, Ren17, SI1
Inhibit lactation G41, G37
Prolapse of uterus d/t Qi Xu Du20, Ren6, Ren12, S36, S29
Prolapse of uterus d/t K Xu Ren4, Zigong, Liv 8, K6
Created by: rmr