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Artist and Works

Stack #33753

ArtistTheir Works
Ansel Adams(american) Known for dramatic photographs of the American West
John James Audubon(american) Birds of America
Frederic Bartholdi(french) Statue of Liberty, Lafayette, Bartholdi Fountain, Lion of Belfort
Giovanni Bellini(italian) St. Fracis in Ecstasy
George Bellows(american) Stag at Sharkey's, Both Members of This Club
Thomas Hart Benton(American) America Today (mural)
George Caleb Bingham(american) Fur Traders on the Missouri, Boatmen on the Missouri
William Blake(english) Songs of Innocence, The Ancient of Days, Job and His Daughters
Gutzon Borglum(american) Mount Rushmore, Stone Mountain Monument, Wars in America, Mares of Diomedes
Heironymous Bosch(dutch) Triptych of the Garden of Earthly Delights, Ship of Fools, Death and the Miser, The Path of Life, The Temptation of St. Anthony
Sandro Botticelli(Italian) The Birth of Venus, Primavera, The Adoration of the Magi, San Bernabo Altarpiece
Constantin Brancusi(Romanian) Bird in Space
Georges Braque(french) Violin and Palette, Man with a Guitar, Still Life: Le Jour
Peter Breugel(Belgian) Return of the Hunters, Peasant Wedding, Gloomy Day, Hunters in the Snow, The Tower of Babel, The Wedding Feast, The Fall of Icarus, The Peasant Dance, Triumph of Death, The Battle Between Carnical and Lent
Alexander Calder(american) Series of famous mobiles, Red Petals
Mary Cassatt(American) The Conversation, Woman in Black at the Opera, Girl Sewing, Mother and Child, Portrait of a Little Child
George Catlin(American) Idians Hunting Buffalo with Bows and Lances, A Commanche Village, Mah-to-toh-pa(The Four Bear)
Benvenuto Cellini(italian) Perseus with the Head of Medusa, Leda and the Swan(medalion)
Paul Ce'zanne(french) The Card Players, House of the Hanged Man, Bathers
Marc Chagall(russian) I and the Village, The Fiddler, Morning Mystery, The Bethrothed
Christo(American from Bulgaria) Running Fence, Pink Islands, Surrounded Islands
John Constable(english) Brighton beach, The Cornfield, The White Horse, Essex, Wivenhoe Park
John Singleton Copley(american) Portrait of Paul Revere, Watson and the Shark
John Steuart Curry(American) Tornado Over Kansas, Baptism in Kansas
Salvador Dali(spanish) The Persistence of Memory, Figure at a Window, The Rose, Soft construction with Boiled Beans: A permonition of Cival War
Jacques-Louis David(French) The Death of Marat, The Death of Sacrates, Oath of the Horatii, Rape of the Sabine Woman, The Tennis Court Oath, David and Goliath
Honore' Daumier (french) The Chess Players, Advice to a Young Artist
Edgar Degas(french) Statue of a Real Girl, The Dance Class(Ballet Scene), At the Races, On the Stage, Cotton Exchange in New Orleans, Four Dancers, At the Stock Exchange, Girl Drying Herself, Race Horses
Euge'ne Delacroix(French) Liberty Leading the People, Massacre at Chios, The Bark of Dante, Arabs Skirmishing in the Mountains, An Orphan Girl in the Graveyard, Death of Sardanapalus
Donatello(Italian) David(in bronze), St. George and the the Dragon, Judith and Holofernes
Marcel Duchamp(american) Nude Decending a Staircase, Chocolate Grinder
Albrecht Dürer(german) Portrait of Erasmus, Four Horseman of the Apocalpse, Death Knight and the Devil
Thomas Eakins(american) The Gross Clinic, The Swimming Hole
Gustav Eiffel(French) The Eiffel Tower, Framework for the Statue of Liberty
El Greco(spanish) The Burial of count orgasz, View of Toledo, Assumption of the Virgin, The Annunciation
Max Ernst(German) The Entire City, Flying Geese
David Chester French(american) The minuteman, Lincoln(Seated at the Lincoln Memorial)
Thomas Gainsborough(english) The Blue Boy, Mrs. Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Portrait of Cornwallis, Chasing a Butterfly, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
Paul Gauguin(french, Tahiti) Tahitian women, Riders on the Beach, Tahitian Girls on the Beach, The Yellow Christ, The Vision After the Sermon
Théodore Géricault(french) Raft of the Medusa
Francisco Goya(spanish) The Bulls of Bordeaux, The Invasion of Spain, The 2nd of May, The Third of May, Nude Maja, Clothed Maja, Family of Charles IV, Majas on a Balcony, The Colossus, The Vintage
Franz Hals(Dutch) Gypsy Girl
Edward Hicks(American) The Peaceable Kingdom
William Hogarth(american) The Rake's Progress series
Hans Holbein, the elder(German) Anne of Cleves, Erasmus of Rotterdam
Hans Holbein, The Younger (german) Henry VIII
Winslow Homer(American) The Gulf Stream, Breezing Up, Snap the Whip, Hurricane Bahamas, Mending the Nets, Watching the Tempest, The Fox Hunt, Sponge Fishing Nassau
Edward Hopper(American) Nighthawks
Jasper Johns(American) Dancers on a Plane, Perilous Night
Rockwell Kent(ameican) Moby Dick(illustrations)
Leonardo da Vinci(Itailian) Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Virgin of the Rocks, The Adoration of the Magi
Filippo Lippi(Italian) Tobias and the Angel, Coronation of the Virgin, Madonna and the Child with Angels
Édouard Manet(French) A Bar at the Folies-Bergéres, Olympia, Luncheon on the Grass, Monet Painting in a Boat, The Dead Toreador, The Execution of Emperor Maximillian
Henri Matisse(French) The Dance, Beast of the Sea, Bathers By a River
Michelangelo(italian) David(in marble), The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Pieta, The Last Judgement
Jean-Francois Millet(French) The Gleaners
Piet Mondrian(Dutch) Broadway Boogie Woogie, Amaryllis
Claude Monet(French) Le Harve Harbor, The Water Lilies, The Rouen Cathedral, Regatta, Impression:Sunrise, Red Boats at Argenteuil, Haystacks
Edvard Munch(Norwegian) The Scream, Four Girls on a Bridge
Thomas Nast(American) Creator of the Democratic donkey, Republic elaphant, And Tammany Tiger
Georgia O'Keeffe(american) Cow's skull, Jack-in- the-pulpit
Phidias(Greek) Friezes on the Parthenon, Statue of Zeus(One of the Seven Wonders)
Pablo Picasso(spanish) Gertruse Stein, Les Noces de Pierrette, Guernica, Family of Saltimbanques, The Old Guitarist, Three Musicians, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, Weeping woman
Jackson Pollack(American) Night Mist, Composition
Raphael(Itailain) School of Athens, The Sistine Madonna, The Alba Madonna, Galatea, St. George and the Dragon
Rembrandt Van Rijn(Dutch) The Night Watch, Aristotle Comptemplating the Bust of Homer, Jacob Wrestling with an Angel, Slaughtered Ox, Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp, Storm on the Sea of Galilee, Return of the Prodigal Son, The Binding of Sampson, The Raising of Lazarus, Descent..Cross
Frederic Remington(American) The Cheyenne, The Scout, Bronco Buster, Dwoning the Nigh Leader
Pierre-Auguste Renior(French) Luncheon of the Boating Party, A Girl with a Watering Can, Le Moulin de la Gallette, Bather Arraging Her Hair, Bathers
Norman Rockwell(American) Covers for the Saturday Evening Post, Free Freedoms
Agust Rodin(French) The Thinker, The Burghers of Calais, Age of Bronze, Man With a Broken Nose, The Kiss, The Gates of Hell
Henri Rousseau(french) Sleeping Gypsy, Boy on the Rocks
Peter Paul Rubens(Dutch) Venus and Adonis, Decent from the Cross, The Judgemnt of Paris, The Elevation of the Cross, The Union of Earth and Water, The Three Graces
John Singer Sargent(American) Madame X, Mrs. Adrian Iselin, White Ships, Spanish Fountain
George Segal(American) The Diner
George Seurat(french) La Grande Jatte, Sunday on the Island of La Grande Jatte, The Lighthouse at Honfleur, Les Poseuses
Gilbert Stuart(American) Portrait of Washington, Portrait of James Madison, The Skater, Mrs. Gilbert Yates
Sir John Tenniel(British) Illustrations for Lewis Carroll's books Political cartoons in the magazine Punch
Titian(Italian) Rape of Europa, Man in a Red Cap, Assumption of the Virgin, Venus and Adonis, Christ Appearing to the Magdalen, Venus Emerging from the Sea, Annunciation
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec(French) At the Moulin Rouge, Quadrile at the Moulin Rouge, The Toilette, Woman Pulling up her Stocking, Alone
John Trumbull(American) Battle of Bunker Hill, Signing of the Declaration of Independence, Death of Montgomery at Quebec, Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown
Joseph William Turner(British) The Grand Canal, Calais Pier, Sunrise with Sea Monsters, The Shipwreck, The Slave Ship, Steamboat in a Snowstorm
Anthony Van Dyck(Flemish) Charles I of Englan, The Judas Kiss, Portrait of Charles I Hunting
Jan Van Eyck(Dutch) The Crucifixion and the Last Judgement, The Ghent alterpiece, The Virgin of Chancellor Rolin
Vincent Van Gogh(Dutch) The Potato Eaters, Portriat of Dr. Gachet, Sunflowers, Starry Night, Cornfield and Cypress Trees, The Artist's Room at Arles, Self-Portrait
Diego Valázquez(Spanish) Phillip IV of Spain, Christ on the Cross, The Forge of Vulcan, Las Meninas, Surrender of Brenda
Jan Vermeer(Dutch) Woman Holding a Balance, The Milkmaid, View of Delft, Young Woman with a Water Pitcher
Andrea del Verrocchio(Italian) Madonna and Child, Bronze Boy with Dolphin, The Baptism of Christ, Christ and St. Thomas
Andy Warhol(American) Campbell's Soup Can, Marilyn Monroe, Electric Chair, Mick Jagger
Benjamin West(american) Penn's Treaty with the Indians, The Death of General Wolfe
James Whistler(American) Arrangement in Gray and Black(Whislet's Mother), Arrangement in Blue and Silver: Old Battersea Bridge, The White Girl, Old Battersea Bridge
Grant Wood(American) American Gothic, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Arbor Day
Andrew Wyeth(American) Christina's World, Helga series, Wind from the Sea, Anna Christina, Christina's Teapot, Winter
Created by: cybaxter100