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PV Surgery

Surg Tech Peripheral Vascular

The patient may be placed in __________ to increase the size of the subclavian vein during insertion of a central venous catheter or venous access port Trendelenburg
The plaque within an artery can be removed with a ___________ and fine vascular DeBakey forceps freer or Penfield elevator
The removal of plaque is called a(n) ___________ endarterectomy
Glass syringes are preferred in drawing up contrast media for angiography because of less accumulation of bubbles (T/F) True
______ ______ are used to bolster anastomosis sites when tissue is friable suture pledgets
The lumens of veins are (smaller/larger) than the lumens of arteries larger
Gold standard for dx and evaluation of vascular disease angiography
What should you do with vessel loops before handing them to the surgeon? dip them in saline
Vein of choice for distal bypasses of lower extremity saphenous vein
In order for the saphenous vein to be effective as a bypass conduit, the ______ within the vein must be removed or "stripped away" in order to prevent the valves from dictating venous flow direction valves
arteries grow progressively smaller until they become ______ which in turn become ______ arterioles; capillaries
_______ are microscopic vessels designed to exchange nutrients and wastes between the blood and tissue fluid capillaries
After nutrients/waste exchange, capillaries unite to form _____, the smallest of the veins venules
Venues unite to form veins, which eventually become the ______ and ______. inferior and superior vena cava
Primary challenge of performing an angioscopy clearing the visual field of blood
An angioscope should be smaller in diameter than the vessel lumen to avoid ______. vasospasm
Purpose of a central venous catheter "central line/CVC" facilitate long-term IV administration of chemo, antibiotic therapy, fluids and pain meds
Types of central venous catheters 12F Groshong, Hickman, Broviac
Which vein is used for a central line? right subclavian
3 tunic layers of arterial walls adventitia, media, intima
Tunica adventitia outer layer of artery consisting of connective tissue; contains vasa vasorum that nourish the cells of the arterial wall
Tunica media middle/thickest layer of artery consisting of elastic fibers and smooth muscles fibers; causes vasoconstriction and vasodilation
Tunica intima inner smooth layer of artery composed of endothelium; platelets flow without being damaged and clotting is prevented
Arteriosclerosis obliterans common disorder of arteries characterized by thickening and loss of elasticity of arterial walls
A type of arteriosclerosis is atherosclerosis (T/F) True
Atherosclerosis usually occurs with age and is associated with... tobacco use, HTN, obesity, DM, high levels of LDL
Stents are made out of... stainless steel mesh, titanium, or polypropylene
Selection of a balloon in an angioplasty that's too small may result in underdilation and early stenosis
Selection of a balloon in an angioplasty that's too large may result in dissection of the vessel
In an angioplasty, balloon length should be sufficient to extend ____ to ___ cm beyond the lesion 1 to 2
Embolus blood clot, fat, air, or small portion of tumor that circulates through the CV system
Thrombus an embolus that becomes lodged in smaller vessels blocking blood flow to and extremity or organ
Catheter used in embolectomy/thrombectomy Fogarty embolectomy catheter
Enzymatic lysis meds urokinase, streptokinase
Instruments for arteriotomy #11 blade and Potts-Smith scissors
Pts suffering from TIAs often demonstrate a weakness of the (opposite/same) side of body opposite
Incision for carotid endarterectomy cervical parallel and anterior to sternocleidomastoid and centered over carotid bifurcation
Which cranial nerve is protected during a carotid endarterectomy? vagus (X)
What suture is used to close an arteriotomy? double-armed nonabsorbable polypropylene
Most important practical consideration when doing a carotid endarterectomy keep back table and mayo stand sterile until pt leaves OR in the vent the neck needs to be reentered
If a AAA ruptures, what are the instruments/supplies you need immediately? suction, laps, aortic clamps
First branch of aortic arch brachiocephalic (innominate)
Second branch of aortic arch carotid
Anticoagulant given just prior to cross-clamping a major artery heparin
Antidote for heparin protamine sulfate
Reversal agent for Coumadin/necessary for clotting vitamin K
Vasodilator med papaverine
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