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Perayaan dan Upacara

Harap dijawab RSVP
Semoga panjang unmur wishing you a long life
Terima to receive
iya yes
sebelumnya before, previous
bacaan reading passage
menghias to decorate
hiasan decoration
mengucapkan to express
ucapan expression
mengundang to invite
undangan invitation
menjawab to answer
jawaban answer
asam sour
asaman pickles
harian newspaper
manisan sweets/lollies
tadi pagi this morning
mengantur accompany
tumpeng a scoop of steamed rice
terdiri dari consist of
perpisahan farewell
wisuda graduation
mendapatkan to get, find
memberikan to give
mengadakan to arrange
keterangan information
hubung contact
menggoreng to fry
menhitung count
pertunangan engagement
kelahiran birth
putera/puteri son/daughter
ujian exam
terhormat respected
kebaikan kindness
hormat kami your sincerely
salam greetings
hasil result
perak silver
di mana-mana everywhere
dihidangkan to be served
lulus to pass
nilai marks
diadakan did,arranged
pelestarian preserving
mudah-mudahan hopefully
sekalian all
menerima to get, reveice
adat traditional
menganut to follow
bersembahyang to worship
memuja to pray
nenek moyang ancesters
dewa god
melindungi to protect
makam cemetery
sesajen ritual offerings to gods
dupa incense
menjunjung to carry something on ones head
hiburan entertainment
puasa fast
ketupsat rice cake wrapped in woven coconut leaves
direbus to be boiled
kerucut cone
berdampingan side by side
bersalaman to shake hands
cerah bright
diundang invited
mengadakan to arrange
halus refined
kasar course
raja,ratu king, queen
pengeran prince
puteri princess
raksasa a giant
punakawanan clowns
diiringi accompanied
kenal know
dikerjakan worked
dipesan booked
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