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Plastic Surgery

Surg Tech Plastics & Reconstructive

For the tumescent liposuction, extensive suctioning of greater than ______ mL or cc can cause hypovolemia or other fluid/hemodynamic complications 1000
The tumescent solution is a mixture of 250 mL NaCl, 75 mL Lidocaine with epi, 2 mL Wydase
Rapid side-to-side movement used for sharp dissection oscillating
Dead tissue that sloughs off of healthy skin eschar
Excoriated tissue; loss of intact coverings denuded
For which procedure would the ST prepare a tumescent solution? suction lipectomy (liposcution)
____ or ____ may power an oscillating-blade dermatome electricity or nitrogen
What is used on donor site of a skin graft as a lubricant? sterile mineral oil
3 types of handheld knife dermatomes Ferris-Smith, Watson, and Wek-Cel
What is a FTSG composed of? epidermis and all of dermis
What is a STSG composed of? epidermis and approx. half of dermis
What is done for a FTSG to heal by primary intention? donor site wound must be sutured
What is done for a STSG to heal? dressed and allowed to heal b/c epithelium growth occurs due to dermis that is left in place
The intugumentary system contains ___ main layers: 2 - epidermis (outer) and dermis (inner)
Epidermis consists of ____ or ____ layers called _____ 4 or 5; Strata
Epidermis layers (from innermost to outermost) Stratum basale, Stratum spinosum, Stratum granulosum, Stratum lucidum, Stratum corneum
Other name for dermis Stratum cornium
2 layers of dermis Reticular layer, Papillary layer
Subcutaneous layer (hypodermis) consists of adipose and loose connective tissue
Oil producing glands sebaceous glands
Oil produced by sebaceous glands is called sebum
Sebum helps with fluid regulation and keeps skin and hair soft/pliable
Sweat glands sudoriferous glands
3 types of sudoriferous glands Merocrine glands and Apocrine glands, ceruminous gland
Merocrine glands distributed over most of body and open directly to skin surface through pores
Apocrine glands larger than Merocrine glands; located in external genitalia and axillae
Ceruminous gland only found in external auditory canal that secretes cerumen
3 locations with no sweat glands portions of external genitalia, nipples, lips
1st degree burn just epidermis - erythema, no blisters
2nd degree burn dermis to varying degrees - blister/extremely painful
3rd degree burn completely penetrate full thickness of skin and often underlying structures - permanent tissue damage
4th degree burn "char burns" - damage blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and tendons, bone density
Rule of Nines Head/neck - 9% Ant/Post trunk - 18% each Upper extremities - 9% Lower extremities - 9 % Perineum - 1%
What instrument do you use to handle skin grafts? Adson smooths
I&D irrigation and debridement
What should be done with the harvested skin graft while awaiting meshing or application? placed in body temp saline
Dermachalasis relaxation and hypertrophy of eyelid skin
What causes dermachalsis? sun exposure and age
Name of incision for blepharoplasty? elliptical (made along ciliary margin following natural curve of eyelid)
Contraction of the palmar fascia Dupuytren's contracture
Med term for "clubhand" radial dysplasia or hypoplasia
What age is a correction for radial dysplasia performed? 12 months
Best type of laser for endoscopic brow lift? CO2
Why are malar implants done? for pts who have deficient bone structure or severe atrophy of overlying soft tissue
Incision for malar implants gingivobuccal sulcus over canine fossae
Mentoplasty chin repair
Why is a mentoplasty performed? cosmetic, correcting micrognathia (underdevelopment of jaw), or restoring post-traumatic facial disfigurement
Rhytidectomy full face lift
What must be avoided when using retractors during a rhytidectomy? facial nerve (VII)
Where are mentoplasty implants placed? subperiosteal pocket
Why are there 2 setups for an otoplasty? one for primary procedure and one for removing and forming costal cartilage graft
Cheiloschisis cleft lip
2 methods of cheiloschisis repair rotation advancement and triangular flap (imitates z-plasty)
Blade used for a cheiloscisis repair #11 or #15
____ carpal bones compose each wrist (carpus) 8
Carpal bones Scaphoid, Lunate, Triquetral, Pisiform, Trapezium, Trapezoid, Capitate, Hamate
____ flexor tendons and median nerve pass through carpal tunnel 9
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