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Caesar Characters

Caesar Characters - LP

Julius Caesar Good friend of Brutus.
Julius Caesar General of the Roman army.
Julius Caesar Declines the crown three times.
Octavius Caesar Caesar's adopted son.
Octavius Caesar Retuns after Caesar's death to fight off Cassius and Brutus.
Antony Friend of Caesar.
Antony Persuades the people at Caesar's funeral to not support Brutus
Antony Member of the triumvirate
Lepidus Member of the triumvirate.
Cicero Roman senator.
Publius Roman senator.
Brutus Loves Caesar, but opposes dictatorship.
Brutus Although he loves Caesar, he is persuaded by the conspirators that Caesar must die in order to preserve the public.
Brutus The only character to truly believe that Caesar's death is for the good of Rome.
Brutus The tragic hero of the play.
Cassius Conspirator of Caesar
Cassius Cunning
Cassius Sends Brutus forged letters.
Casca Conspirator of Caesar.
Trebonius Conspirator of Caesar
Caius Ligarius Conspirator of Caesar
Decius Conspirator of Caesar
Decius Convinces Caesar that there is no harm waiting for him at the Senate.
Metellus Cimber Conspirator of Caesar
Lucilius Brutus's and Cassius's friends
Flavius and Marullus Tribunes
Artemidorus A teacher
A soothsayer A fortune-teller
Titinius Brutus's and Cassius's friends
Messala Brutus's and Cassius's friends
Young Cato Brutus's and Cassius's friends
Volumnius Brutus's and Cassius's friends
Varro Brutus's servant
Claudius Brutus's servant
Strato Brutus's servant
Lucius Brutus's servant
Dardanius Brutus's servant
Pindarus Brutus's servant
Calpurnia Caesar's wife
Calpurnia Warns Caesar against going to the Senate on the Ides of March
Portia Brutus's wife
Octavius Caesar Member of the triumvirate.
Created by: MrsHall