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Vocab1 FreeHand II

vocabulary words set1 for free hand drawing II

Applied Art: Creative works that fullfills a utilitarian function.
FINE ART: Work that is created for it's own sake as intellectual or asthetic expression.
Abstract: Removed from incidental reality: involves general concepts;simplified or distilled from real world objects.
Aesthetic: Appreciation of beauty or other sensual visual qualities.
Arbitrary: based on free choice, unconnected with any restrictions: capricious.
Composition: arranging and combining in order to create one unit.
Conceptual: having to do with a governing idea or philosophy.
Drawing: art from primarily concerened with marks on paper: also the organization of mark,edge and form as they might occur in painting or other art forms.
Element: A unit of form- a mark, shape, line; a basic aspect of approach, as in narretive element.
Focus: Emphasis;the quality of being organized around a goal or sense of purpose; also a quality of sharpness of defination or blur.
Form: an Element, graphic or with implied physicality, as in "solid Form".
Formailism: School of aesthetic theory placing highest priority on relationship of basic form.
Format: the dimentions of a picture plane or overall aspect of an artwork; the means of presentation or basic medium of an artwork.
Gesture: a mark made with energy and direction; a quality of movement or direction in a whole composition or in a figure.
Graphic: pertainig to a flat shape, line and two-dimentional composition; Also means vivid or hyperclear.
Loose: open, unresolved; can be a positive (free, Dynamic)or a negative (sloppy, unclear).
Medium: the specific materials of an art form, such as graphite, ink, charcoal.
Objective reaction: emotionally distanced reaction; reasoned analysis.
Open Up: to stretch out aerate, free up;back away from resolution, move toward implication rather than defination; extend outword.
Picture plane: the flat or two-dimentional surface of a drawing; the coneptual two-dimentional plane.
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