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Julius Caesar II

Why are the conspirators afraid of Caesar becoming king? He will abuse his power.
Who wants Mark Antony to be assassinated? Cassius
Does Brutus want Mark Antony to be assassinated? No, Brutus disagrees because he believes that Antony, without Caesar, will be powerless.
Who is going to flatter Caesar into going to the Senate? Decius
Why does Brutus object to having Cicero as one of the conspirators? Cicero does not always follow everyone elses's ideas.
Who arrives at Caesar's house just after the conspirators, but is not one of them? Antony
Why did Caesar have trouble sleeping on the eve of the ides of March? Because of the terrible storm and his wife Calpurnia's troubled sleep.
Who wants to warn Caesar on the way to the Senate? Artemidorus
Why doesn't Brutus want to swear an oath? He claims that none is needed. The sadness of the people shall serve as the bond.
What kind of relationship does Portia and Brutus have? Strong; equal partnership.
What are the qualities that Calpurnia and Portia both have? Loving and loyal.
What does Portia do to prove her strength in character? Cut herself in the thigh.
Created by: MrsHall