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Sheakspeare Test #1

Shakespearian Sonnet Test

April 23, 1564 Shakespeare's Birthday
April 23, 1616 Day Shakespeare Died
1666 The year of the Stratford Courthouse fire that destroyed the records of Shakespeare's education
1582 Shakespeare marries Ann Halfaway
Shakespeare's Children Susana, Judith, & Hamnet
1596 Hamnet dies at age 11
1670 The last descendent of Shakespeare dies, Susanah's daughter Elizibeth Bernard
1585 Shakespeare leaves Stratford for London. Beginning of the seven "dark years"
The Lord Chamberlain's Men An acting company Shakespeare owned considerable stock in. He was the main playwright as well as an actor.
1603 The Lord Chamberlain's Men attach themselves to James I and become "The King's Men"
"The Theatre" Owned by James Burbage, the first theatre
"The Swan" Owned by Francis Langley
"The Rose" Owned by Philip Henslow
1613 The Globe was destroyed by fire during a performance of Henry VIII. According to the story, a (prop) cannon went off during the performance
"Quarto" A publishing term for paper folded into four parts. The History plays were published this way.
"Folio" A publishing term for paper folded into two parts. The first collection of Shakespeare's works were published as the "First Folio"
The First Folio Published posthumously by Shakespeare's collegues. It collected 18 pre-published plays and 18 unpublished plays
Anti-Stratfordian Society Challenge the authorship of "Shakespearian" texts
Eddie de Vere The anti-stratfordian candidate for true shakespearian authorship
Sonnet Developed by Petrarch. Originally an Octave followed by a Sestet
Shakespearian Sonnet The english version; three quatrains and a couplet. Sheakspeare wrote a sequence of 150 sonnets
Laura A woman Petrarch saw once in church. She was the impetus for all Petrarchan sonnets
James Thorpe Published Shakespeare's Sonnets
1609 The Shakespearian sonnets were published by James Thomas Thorpe
Created by: nicodemus_smith
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