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OB/GYN Surgery

Surg Tech OB/GYN

2 names of stirrups used in lithotomy position candy cane and Allen "yellow fin"
Stage 1 of labor onset of true labor to fully dilated cervix
Stage 2 of labor complete dilation to birth of infant(s)
Stage 3 of labor birth of infant(s) to delivery of placenta
Stage 4 of labor delivery of placenta to when mother's condition has stabilized
expulsion delivery of shoulders and body of fetus
extension rotation rotation of fetal head back to its original position as head passes over perineum
gravida pregnancies
para number of times a woman has given birth
most common surgical intervention in vaginal birth episiotomy and repair of perineal lacerations
ST role in labor clamp/cut umbilical cord and collect blood for cord gases
episiotomy intentional midline surgical incision in perineum to ease birth process or to protect mother from uncontrolled perineal lacerations
1st degree perineal laceration Involves vaginal mucosa or peritoneal skin
2nd degree perineal laceration Vaginal submucosa or perineum with or without the peritoneal body musculature being involved
3rd degree perineal laceration Involves anal sphincter
4th degree perineal laceration Involves rectal mucosa
Surgical procedure for an incompetent cervix Cervical cerclage "Shirodkar's procedure"
Paired ligaments that extend to the pelvic walls to suspended the uterus are Broad, cardinal, round, and uterosacral
The adnexa includes Fallopian tubes, ovaries, and infundibulum
When is a cervical cerclage performed (gestation) Late second trimester or early third trimester
What technique and kind of suture is placed around the cervix in Shirodkar's procedure pursestring mersiline
Incision for caesarean section Pfannenstiel
a #__ knife blade or #__ knife blade is used for Pfannenstiel 10; 20
Patient position for caesarean section Supine with the role place under the right hip to reduce the uterine pressure on the Vena Cava
Dystocia difficult birth
Cephalopelvic disproportion "CPD"; baby's head/body is too large to fit through mother's pelvis (failure to progress)
Medication injected into uterus to help with hemostasis pitocin (oxytocin)
Type of suture to close uterus 2 layers using 2-0 or 0 absorbable
How many counts are there on a caesarean section 4 - Prior to skin incision, prior to closure of uterus, prior to closure of the abdominal cavity, and prior to closure of skin
Structure where fallopian tubes attached to the uterus cornu
Four sections of the fallopian tubes fimbia (infundibulum), ampula, isthmus, intramural
Purpose of fimbria guide oocytes released by ovaries into tube's lumen
Five techniques for tubal ligation Irving, Pomeroy, Parkland, Madlener, Kroener fimbriectomy
Diagnostic test for tuboplasty hysterosalpingogram
Ectopic pregnancy Pregnancy that occurs outside the uterine cavity
unruptured tubal pregnancy can be treated... Laparoscopically
Diagnostic test to rule out carcinoma and endometrial hyperplasia D&C - will take specimen
Diagnostic tests for uterine cancer pap smear, endocervical curettage, endometrial biopsy
Diagnostic tests for cervical cancer colposcopy, biopsy, endocervical curettage, Schiller's test
Diagnostic tests for ovarian cancer pap smear, endometrial biopsy, endocervical curettage
Cervical cone - "cold" no laser or electricity was used, only a knife
Three most used abdominal if incisions for GYN surgery Pfannenstiel, Maylard, Cherney
Two basic diagnostic procedures for GYN Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy
Main muscle incised during abdominal incisions for Pfannenstiel, Maylard, and Cherney anterior rectus sheath
What instrument is used to manipulate the uterus during a basic laparoscopy Cohen acorn cannula
Hysteroscopies are used to treat pathologies such as Adhesions, polyps, and myomas
Endoscopic equipment for a hysteroscopy scope, camera, light cord, irrigation tubing (not insufflation tubing)
Where are Bartholin's glands located Posterior third of the labia of majora
Pathologies for obstruction of Bartholin's glands gonococcal infection or trauma (most common)
Reasons for labiaplasty Correct the labia minora hypertrophy caused by congenital abnormality, to repair tearing and stretching due to childbirth, trauma, sexual intercourse, age, and genital piercing
If a D&C is performed after the 13th week of pregnancy, it is termed dilation and evacuation (D&E)
Acetic acid turns abnormal cells what color white
Schiller's test with Lugol's solution turns abnormal cells what color none; normal cells retain brown coloration
What ligament provides the main support to ovaries Ovarian (lies within the broad ligament)
Name of serum that detects ovarian cancer CA 125 titre
Broad ligament Attaches uterus to the pelvic wall and covers the entire reproductive system and becomes continuous with parietal peritoneum
Mesovarium ligament Attaches ovaries to broad ligament to stabilize and support the position of the ovaries
Suspensory ligament Anchors ovaries of the pelvic wall and contains the major blood vessels to the ovaries
Ovarian ligament Anchors ovaries to uterus
Cephalopelvic disproportion is a component of which indication for a cesarean section? dystocia
What is the name of the routine surgical treatment of infected Bartholin's gland cysts? marsupialization
Which anatomical structure is located anterior to the symphysis pubis and superior to the vaginal opening? mons pubis
What is the general term for the treatment method that destroys genital condylomata with a carbon dioxide laser? ablation
Radionuclide seeds are used to treat: uterine/cervical carcinoma
Instrument used to measure depth of uterus Sim's uterine sound
Instrument used to remove endometrial or cervical lining Sin's curette
Instrument used as a bladder blade, removed prior to birth of the baby DeLee
Needle holder used for TAH or pelvic surgery Haney-curved
Used to grasp the uterus during TAH or cervix during D&C, causes less trauma Jacobs Vulsellum
Dilator for D&C (3 names) Hank, Hegar, Pratt
Scissors used for vaginal cuff—TAH Jorgenson
Weighted retractor for vagina Auvard
Used to grasp cervix at 12-o’clock Braun or Schroeder
Clamp used in TAH Ballentine
devices used to ligate and cut the uterine ligaments and vessels during LAVH Linear stapling device
cavity between labia minor and contains urethral meatus as well as Bartholin's glands vestibule
Another name for radical hysterectomy Wertheim
Why is air or gas not used to cool the laser fiber in an endometrial ablation? could cause an air embolism
Why is an endometrial ablation performed? an alt to hysterectomy to treat chronic menorrhagia
When using a balloon for endometrial ablation, what is the balloon filled with? hot D5W solution (dextrose water)
Myomectomy procedure to excise uterine fibroid tumors (myomas)
Main reason to perform myomectomy to preserve the uterus for fertility
3 ways to reduce adhesion formation gentle tissue handling, removal of talc (powder) from gloves, irrigation with heparinized Ringer's solution
uterosacral ligament attaches cervix to sacrum
During a TAH, the uterosacral ligaments are clamped first or last? Last
During a vaginal hysterectomy, the uterosacral ligaments are clamped first or last? First
Another name for suspensory ligament Infundibulopelvic ligament
Uterine radiation seeding is used to treat uterine or cervical cancer
Use for radiation seeding shrink a tumor preop that's nonresectable or destroying the rest of a tumor postop
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