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Everything Everythin

Resurrected - This Life

What kind of shots does Madeline describe to restart her heart in "Resurrected"? Adrenaline
What does Madeline say her mother has transformed her bedroom into in "Readmitted"? A hospital ward
What is the only food that Madeline is able to eat in "Readmitted"? Jell-O
What does Madeline use as a metaphor to describe her guilt in "Readmitted"? An Ocean
What does Madeline determine is a terrible thing in "Readmitted"? Love
When does Olly first send Madeline a message in "Released, Part Two"? Wednesday, 6:56 p.m.
What does Madeline admit to Olly about the pills in "Released, Part Two"? That there were no pills
What book is summarized with the phrase "You don't exist if no one can see you"? (246) The Invisible Man
What kind of flowers does Madeline describe in the field in "Geography"? poppies
What color are the flowers in the field that Madeline describes in "Geography"? Red
Who is the author of the Stranger? Albert Camus
Who is the author of Waiting for Godot? Samuel Beckett
How does Madeline describe the movement of time in "Here and Now"? It moves both forward and backward
From whom does Madeline receive an Email in "For My Eyes Only"? Dr. Melissa Francis
When is the email dated that Madeline receives in "For My Eyes Only"? December 29
At what hospital was Madeline treated while in Hawaii? The Maui Memorial Hospital
What is the email informing Madeline about that she receives in "For My Eyes Only"? That she does not have SCID
What word is described in "Madeline's Dictionary" as "the truth you don't believe, can't believe, won't believe" (268)? Suspicion
Where does Madeline run when Carla reveals her suspicions to her in "Identity"? To the bathroom
Why does Carla say she suspects sometimes that Madeline's mother had a mental collapse? Because of the death of her husband and son
What are Madeline and Carla's plan for determining if Madeline has SCID in "Proof of Life"? They will send a blood test to a SCID specialist.
What color is the folder that Madeline's files in her mother's office? Red
For what was Madeline checked into a hospital when she was six months old? Respiratory Syncytial Virus
What does Madeline claim her life has been in "Fairy Tales"? A lie
Who is the doctor that Madeline has seen and who believes her mother should see a therapist in "After the Death Of"? Dr. Chase
What does Madeline say her doctor advices in "One Week A.D. "? Caution
What color does Madeline describe painting the wall by the window in her room in "Four Weeks A.D."? Yellow
What color has Madeline painted the shelves in her bedroom in "Four Weeks A.D."? Orange
What color has Madeline painted the headboard of her bed in "Four Weeks A.D."? Lavender
What does Madeline order for the sun room in "Five Weeks A.D."? Real Plants
What does Madeline say she named all the goldfish she bough in "Five Weeks A.D."? Olly
What does Dr. Chase allow Madeline to do in "Six Weeks A.D."? To have her tutors visit her at home.
What does Carla say she may do for her next job in "Flowers for Algernon"? Work at a hospital
What is the present that Madeline opens from her mother in "The End is the Beginning of the End"? A phone
What is the date of Madeline's email in "Future Perfect #2"? March 10th
What book does Madeline read on the plane in "Forgiveness"? The Little Prince
Created by: BFlmng
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