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CP Final Exam Eng. 1

Final Exam Study Materials

Who is the author of The Raisin in the Sun? Lorainne Hansberry
What is the setting of the play? Southside Chicago, 1950's
Why are the Youngers about to receive a check? Walter, Sr. Died
What is the amount of the check? $10,000
Who are the main characters? Walter, Ruth, Mama and Beneatha
Who wants to use the money to buy a liquor store? Walter
Who wants to use the money to go to med. school? Beheatha
Who is the young African student that Beneatha meets? Asagai
The title of the play is taken from what well-known author's poem? Langston Hughes
How do we find out that Ruth is pregnant? She faints.
Who offers the Youngers money to sell their newly purchased house? Lindner
Mama goes looking for a house with what for Travis? a yard
In "The Black Cat" what is the cat's name? Pluto
From where is the narrator telling the story? Jail
Why is the narrartor there? He killed his wife.
The narrator does what horrible things to the cat (3)? Stabs out its eye, hangs it and buries it in the wall.
The two cats in the story are alike in every way except how? The 2nd one has a white mark on its chest that begins to resemble a noose.
What thing caught on fire first in the narrator's house? bed curtains
In Hero, who turns in Benjie for drugs? Cohen and Greene
From whom did Benjie steal to get money for drugs? Butler and his grandmother
Which character is a 13-old-junkie? Benjie
Benjie had his first experience with heroin with which character who lated died? Kenny
The main setting of the book is? 1970's, Harlem
Benjie has his first drug experience with which character? Jimmy-Lee
What's the name of Benjie's main dealer? Walter
What is Butler's occupation? Janitor
Who beat up a man nearly to death for insulting him? Butler
What are the 3 main parts of an essay? Introduction, body and conclusion
What font size should an essay be? 12
What is the spacing of a formal essay? Double
What kinds of things are indented in a research paper? paragraphs and the 2nd line of a citation in the Works Cited
Name five types of titles that should be underlined. Books, plays, long poems, newspapers, magazines
The header should always go where in an essay? Upper left hand corner
What is plagiarism? Saying that you wrote something that someone else actually wrote
What is the most common citation format used in high schools and colleges? MLA
To whom were you asked to present your speeches? Peers
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