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Extra Points Arms

Extra Points

Shixuan On the tips of 10; Opens the portals and revives consciousness, drains heat and pacifies wind (loss of consciousness, wind and summer heat stroke, epilepsy, mania).
Sifeng At the midpoints of the proximal interphlangeal joints of the 8 fingers; Prick to bleed and squeeze until a white-yellow liquid appears. Childhood diseases
Baxie In the depression between the metacarpal heads proximal to the web margins; Clears heat and dissipates swelling (pathology of fingers and hands)
Yaotongxue Between the 2nd & 3rd and 4th & 5th metacarpal bones in the depression distal to the bases of the metacarpals; Invigorates qi and blood in the lumbar region (lumbar sprain)
Luozhen On the dorsum of the hand in the depression proximal to the 2nd & 3rd metacarpo-phlangeal joints; Invigorates qi and blood in the neck region (Stiffness and pain of the neck and inability to turn the head)
Erbai 4 cun proximal to P-7 on either side of flexor carpi radialis; prolapse of rectum and hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids, prolapse of rectum, hemoitching of anus, blood in stool, tenesmus)
Zhoujian On the tip of the olecranon; Moxa only; Transforms phlegm and dissipates swelling (scrofula, carbuncles, furuncles, deep-rooted ulcers, intestinal abscess)
Jianqian Midway between the axillary crease and LI-5; Activates qi and blood and benefits the shoulder joint (stiffness and pain of the anterior aspect of the shoulder, numbness, immobility of shoulder joint)
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