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Summer 5 Review

What is the setting of the story time: 1950-1960's place NYC
Where does Sophie work? a café in the Bronx
Where does George's father work? fish market
Info about George's family father poor, live above a butcher store, mother dead, Sophie is 23, a waitress and resembles George (tall & bony)
What do you know about Mr. Cattanzara? middle aged, poor, change maker in the subway, married, intelligent, reads all newspapers, an alcoholic
Mr. Cattanzara asked George what he was doing that summer. what did he say and why hesitate before answering? he said he was educating himself by reading 100 books. He hesitated because he needed time to make up a lie
What do you know about Mrs. Cattanzara? she is overweight, sickly, watches her husband out the window, not letting her lose her sight
how did George spend his days? in his room, reading and listening to the ball game. sometimes cleaned around the house
did George have a hobby? yes, carpentry
what did George dream about? good job, nice house, money, a girlfriend
what is Mr. C 's role in George's life father figure change maker
why did Mr. C get drunk often? displeased with his life. poor, boring low paying job, doesn't live up to his potential
Change maker physical & metaphorical role physical - gives change in the subway metaphysical - changed George's life
go buy yourself a lemon ice Georgie you're acting like a child
let's shoot the breeze let's talk about the books and change ideas
describe Mr. & Mrs. C's relationship cold, distance during the day he is at work, he is always outside reading the news
describe George's relationship with his father not close, he doesn't take interest in George's life infer
what does George read and what does it say about him? books, magazines and The World Almanac - encyclopedia infer smart
Created by: Miss Rossman
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