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Everything Everythin

The White Room - Makes You Stronger

How old is Rosa described as in "Stays the Same"? 17
Where does Madeline describe spotting the state fish while snorkeling in "The White Room"? Hawaii
Who is Madeline's full-time nurse Carla
At what time does the neighbor's mom plead with her kids to begin chores before their father gets home in "Neighborhood watch"? 5:00pm
Who is listed as Madeline's caretaker in the "Daily Health Log" in "Scid Row"? Dr. Pauline Whittier
On what date does Madeline describe the family next door moving away in "Madeline's Diary"? August 5
What is the name of Olly's sister Kara
What does Madeline describe breathing with her in her dream in "My White Balloon"? Her House
What kind of cake does Madeline have for her birthday Vanilla
At what time is the neighbor's mom return into the house after having coffee described in "Neighborhood Watch"? 7:00am
What does Madeline ask Carla in "Fifteen Minutes Later"? If Olly could visit her.
What movie do Madeline and her mother watch on her birthday? Young Frankenstein
What movie poster does Madeline describe hanging on Olly's wall in his bedroom in "I Spy"? Jump London
In the "Daily Health Log" in "Scid Row," what is the date listed? May 2
What does Olly ask Madeline to do in the end of "First contact, Part Three"? To go to the window
What is described as Carla's favorite band of all time in "Everything's a Risk"? ABBA
What does Madeline conclude to be a real thing in the last line of "Olly"? spontaneous combustion
What does OLLY claim as his favorite vice in "First Contact, Part Three"? Stealing Silverware
How does Madeline describe her ethnicity when talking with Olly online in "First Contact, Part Three"? Half Japanese and half African American
What does Madeline describe happening to the family next door in her dream in "Madeline's Diary"? She describes them being kidnapped by aliens.
What is Madeline's last name? Whittier
By what more common term does Madeline refer to Severe Combined Immunodeficiency in "Scid Row"? Bubble Baby disease
For how long does Madeline say she has not left her house in "Scid Row"? 17 years
What book is Madeline reading in "Stays the same"? Flowers of Algernon
What kind of animal is described in the book Madeline is reading in "Life is Short"? a mouse
What does Madeline describe Olly's sister doing in the garden between their houses each morning at 10:06 am in "Neighborhood Watch"? smoke cigarettes
How is Olly's schedule described in "Neighborhood Watch"? unpredictable
What does Olly's dad call him? Oliver
What kind of street gymnastics that Olly seems interested in? Parkour
What type of cuisine is served at Madeline's home every Friday night? French
Who has told Madeline's mom that she is late with her architecture assignment in "Mentuse"? Mr. Waterman
What do Olly and his sister bring over to give to Madeline's mother in "Mentuse"? A bundt cake
What color does Olly always wear, based on the emails seen in "First Contact, Part Three"? Black
What does Olly claim as his favorite book in "First Contact, Part Three"? Lord of The Flies
What color eyes does Olly say he has in "First Contact, Part Three Blue
What was Madeline to create a design model for in her architecture class in "Astronaut Ice Cream"? An outdoor shopping/ dinning center
What style of architecture did Madeline create her architecture project in, in "Astronaut Ice Cream"? Art deco
What does Madeline claim is making her laugh on her laptop when Carla is working in "Everything's a Risk A cat video
What is Carla's answer to Madeline's plea in "Ten Minutes After That NO
Where does Carla tell Madeline that Olly is waiting for her after she announces his arrival in "To Those Who Wait" In the sun room
What does Carla tell Madeline she deserves in "To Those Who Wait"? A little something
Why has Olly climbed a wall in the sun room when Madeline is walking in, in "Olly"? To inspect a banana plant
What does Madeline describe as the bane of her existence in "Olly"? Freckles
Who wrote Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll
In "Life is Short," Madeline writes a review of Alice in Wonderland. What does Madeline write. "Beware the Queen of Hearts. She'll have your head"
Created by: BFlmng
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