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Outsiders Ch 7-12

Review questions for chapter 7-12

The newspaper headline concerning what Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally did at the fire was Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes
Because of all the newspaper press concerning the fire Ponyboy might be sent to a boys' home
When Randy, the Soc, talked with Ponyboy he told him He wasn't going to fight in the rumble
Randy told Ponyboy that Bob's parents Spoiled Bob rotten
Before the big rumble Dally asked Two-Bit if he Still had his ten-inch switch-blade
Pony was angry with Cherry because She would not go to the hospital to see Johnny
"Please not 'if'. The blood was draining from my face and Darry put and arm across my shoulder and squeezed hard" Ponyboy and the rest of the greasers learn about Johnny's condition. They learn of Johnny's broken back and third degree burns and there is a possibility that he may not live. Ponyboy refers to 'if' Johnny lives or not and cannot bear the thought.
"You only knew his bad side. He could be sweet sometimes, and friendly but when he got drunk..." Cherry Valance reveals that there was another side to Bob that the greasers did not see. He was a good person, but his upbringing left him making bad decisions She explains to Ponyboy that she cannot visit Johnny because she killed Bob who she cared for.
Another name for a gun amongst the greasers was Heater
The winner of the rumble would be determined by which gang Would not run away
Dally got a police escort because He told the officer Ponyboy fell off his motocycle
The man who gave Ponyboy a ride home after the rumble noticed Ponyboy was bleeding on his car seats
After Ponyboy got home from the hospital, Dally called and told them He just robbed a grocery store and was being chased by the police
Even though Dally was running from the police the gun he raised had no bullets.
"For a second it looked like there wasn't anyone brave enough to take him on" The gang is getting ready to fight in the rumble. Darry is the first to step up and he challenges anyone to fight him. His challenge was accepted by a soc named Paul who Darry used to be friends with.
"He was dead before he hit the ground. But I knew that as what he wanted" This quote refers to Dally's death. Ponyboy knew the gun had no bullets, so when Dally pulled it on the police officers, he knew that Dally was intentionally trying to cope with Johnny's death.
Ponyboy discovered Bob Sheldon's picture In an old yearbook
Who visited Ponyboy while he was recovering? Randy
During his recovery, Ponyboy Would not accept that Johnny was really dead
At the hearing about Bob Sheldon's death Ponyboy was found not guilty
When the Socs threatened to fight Ponyboy Ponyboy broke a bottle and threatened them
Ponyboy's theme for English class Was this novel
"That was the dumbest remark I ever heard anyone make. He thought he was mixed up in this? He didn't kill anyone" Ponyboy makes this statement during his visit from Randy. Randy, reveals that he feels nervous about the concert hearing because he will disappoint his father. This anger Ponyboy because he feels that he is in a much worse position.
"Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony. That's gold" This quotation is taken from the letter that Johnny leaves for Pony. he encourages him to hold onto his innocence and to be himself not matter what.
Created by: BFlmng
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