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vocabulary '1984'

to grate to grincer, râper, être agaçant(e)
to utter to say something or to make a sound with your voice
She sat through the whole meeting without a word. to utter
a furnace a container heated to a high temperature, so that substances inside it will melt or burn
grossly extremely
to be aware of something knowing that something exists
Were you of the risks at the time? to be aware of something
to crumple something up to crush a piece of paper until all of it is folded.
a palimpsest a old document in which writing has been removed and covered or replaced by new writing
forgery an illegal copy of a document, painting, etc. or the crime of making such illegal copies
an output used to refer to the amount of something that a person or thing produces.
Government statistics show the largest drop in industrial for ten years. output
dart a glance OR look at sb to look quickly at someone
She a sly sideways glance at Bramwell. darted
to toil to work hard
ineffectual inefficient
The teachers were at maintaining discipline. ineffectual
repository a person who has, or a book that contains, a lot of information or detailed knowledge
multifarious of many different types
The newspaper report detailed the fraudster's business activities. multifarious
kaleidoscope: a changing and enjoyable mixture or pattern
to incur to experience something, usually something unpleasant, as a result of actions you have taken
The play has the wrath anger of both audiences and critics.
to stroke in French: caresser
to spring to move quickly and suddenly towards a particularly place
I out of bad to answer the door. sprang
pedantic disapproving, giving too much attention to formal rules or small details
Professor Harris had a narrow, approach to history that put us to sleep. pedantic
to leap out at somebody If something leaps out at you, you notice it immediately
As I turned the page his picture out at me. leapt
to disregard to ignore something
The jury was told to the comments made by the witness. disregard
to rise up to go upwards
to hum to make a low continuous sound
The birds sang, the bees . hummed
to blossom to develop good, attractive, or successful qualities.
What began as a local festival has into an international event. blossomed
to gamble in French: parier
to itch when a part of your body itches, you have an feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch.
stovepipe pipe usually made of sheet steel used as a stove chimney or to connect a stove with a flue
bareness noun derived from the adj. ‘bare’: not covered by any clothing.
the mist thin frog produced by small drops of water collecting in the air
embezzlement secretly taking money that is in your care or that belongs to your employer (crime)
a sinecure a paid position that involves little or no work.
to sag to become weaker or to drop down to a lower level in the middle
The shelf under the weight of the heavy books. sagged
bulging sticking out in a rounded shape
His eyes seemed to like those of a toad. buldge
to bray to make the loud noise typical of a donkey
The mules suddenly started . braying
to jeer to laugh or shout insults at someone to show you have no respect for them.
The people at the back of the hall the speaker. jeered
stratum one of the parts or layers into which something is separated.
A of society is a group of people who are similar in their education, income, or social status. stratum
to scribble you write quickly and roughly
She a note to tell Mum she'd gone out scribbled
a draught a current of air that comes into a place in an undesirable way
tacitly without expressing something directly
truism a statement that is so obviously true that it is almost not worth saying.
As far as health is concerned, it's a that prevention is better than cure. truism
axiom a statement or principle that is generally accepted to be true, but need not be so.
It is a widely held that governments should not negotiate with terrorists. axiom
demeanour a way of looking and behaving
She has the of a woman who is contented with her life. demeanour
To drift to move slowly, especially as a result of outside forces, with no control over direction
No one noticed that the boat had begun to out to sea. drift
to flick to move with a short, sudden movement.
He his cigarette out of the window. flicked
to heave to move something heavy using a lot of effort.
He cleared a space, boxes out of the way. heaving
to heave If something heaves, it makes one or more large movements up and down
As the wind increased, the deck of the ship began to beneath his feet. heave
coated thickly covered
Your trousers are in mud! coated
to dodge to avoid being hit, caught, or seen by moving suddenly
Stiff firm and not easily bent or moving with pain or difficulty
I'm all over right now. stiff
to grasp to grip firmly or to understand
sour having a sharp biting taste like the taste of lemon juice or vinegar
Stifling suffocating
The heat of the little room was beginning to make me nauseous. stifling
sweltering something extremely hot that makes you feel uncomfortable (weather)
In the summer, it's in the smaller classrooms. sweltering
loosestrife any of various primulaceous plants of the genus Lysimachia, esp the yellow-flowered
to blaze to burn fiercely
to tickle chatouiller
to wriggle to twist and turn with quick movements
to dissent do disagree
Anyone wishing to from the motion should now raise their hand. dissent
cunning clever at deceiving
to scrape to produce a grating sound by rubbing against (something else)
She went round the car the frost off the windows. scraping
sodden soaking wet
a shelter something that provides cover or protection from weather or danger.
A neighbour the boy for seven days. sheltered
a rubble pile of broken stones or bricks
to scrounge to beg
Peter never buys anything - he just off his friends. scrounges
a mantelpiece a shelf above a fireplace, usually part of a frame that surrounds the fireplace.
counterpane a bed covering
a fender a low metal frame around an open fireplace that stops the coal or wood from falling out
pathos the power of a person, situation, or work of art to cause feelings of sadness, people feel sympathy
The dying girl’s speech generates genuine . pathos
to wrench to pull and twist something suddenly or violently away from its position
the phone had been from (or ‘off’) the wall. to wrench
to pilfer to steal things of small values.
He was caught sweet from the shop. pilfering
quilted (especially on clothes) filled with thick soft material that is sewn in place
to be in the grip of something to be experiencing something unpleasant that you have no control over
The country currently in the grip of the worst recession in 20 years. to be in the grip of
a stream water that flows naturally along a fixed route formed usually at ground level
a stalk the main stem of a plant, or the narrow stem that joins leaves, flowers, or fruit to the main stem.
She trimmed the of the tulips before putting them in a vase. stalks
downhearted sad and discouraged
After hearing the news of the defeat, she told supporters not to be . downhearted
to outwit to get an advantage over someone by acting more cleverly and often by using a trick.
In the story, the cunning fox the hunters. outwits
utmost to emphasise how important or serious something is
The situation needs to be handled with the care. utmost
varicose veins a condition in which the tubes that carry blood, are swollen and can be seen on the skin
Pregnant women often get . varicose vein
dimly in a way that does not give or have much light
The room was lit. dimly
torpid not active or thinking slowly, especially as a result of being lazy or feeling that you want to sleep
It remains there quiescent, dormant and torpid in the hope that someday the waters will return. torpid
taut tight
He kept his eyes on the road ahead, his face with concentration. taut
to squat to crouch with the knees bent and the weight on the feet
He down and examined the front wheel of his bike. squatted
whitish almost white in colour
a lump a small solid mass without definite shape
blissful extremely delightful
We spent a year together before things started to go wrong. blissful
elm a kind of tree (orme in French
willow a tree that grows near water and has long, thin branches that hang down. (saule pleureur)
a furrow a long line or hollow that is formed or cut into the surface of something
a deep has formed in the rock, where water has run over it for centuries. furrow
onwards If you move onwards, you continue to go forwards
We sailed in a westerly direction. onwards
cyst a round mass growing just under the skin or deeper in the body, that contains liquid
to plunge to (cause someone or something to) move or fall suddenly and often forward, down, or into something
We ran down to the beach and into the sea. plunged
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