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Primary & Luo

Primary & Luo channel pathologies

Lu Primary channel pathology asthmatic breathing, cough, anterior border of medial aspect of arm
Li Primary channel pathology toothache (same as Luo), diarrhea, dysentery, anterior border of the lateral aspect of upper limb
Si Primary channel pathology yellow sclera (not jaundice), pain in the posterior border of the lateral aspect of the shoulder & arm
S Primary channel pathology hunger, deviation of the mouth
Sp Primary channel pathology belching, jaundice, stiffness & pain at the root of the tongue
Ht Primary channel pathology insomnia, thirst
B Primary channel pathology retention of urine (Kd luo pathology)
K Primary channel pathology impotence
P Primary channel pathology mental restlessness, manic mental disorders
Sj Primary channel pathology deafness, tinnitus
G Primary channel pathology blurring of vision, bitter taste in mouth
Liv Primary channel pathology hernia, vertex headache
Lu Luo channel pathology heat sensation in the wrist & palm, shortness of breath
Ht Luo channel pathology aphasia
Pc Luo channel pathology cardiac pain, mental restlessness
Li Luo channel pathology toothache (same as channel pathology)
Si Luo channel pathology warts on the skin
Sj Luo channel pathology cubital joints
St Luo channel pathology sudden hoarseness of the voice
B Luo channel pathology nasal obstruction, watery nasal discharge
G Luo channel pathology coldness in the foot, paralysis of the lower limbs & inability to stand erect
Sp Luo channel pathology cholera
Great Sp Luo channel pathology general aching & weakness of the joints & four limbs
Sp Luo channel pathology cholera
Great Sp Luo channel pathology general aching & weakness of the joints & four limbs
K Luo channel pathology retention of urine (same as UB channel pathology)
Liv Luo channel pathology priapism, pruritis in the pubic region, swelling of the testis & hernia
Ren Luo channel pathology distending pain & pruritis of abdominal skin
Du Luo channel pathology spinal column
Ren Extra Vessel pathology hernia, pain in the genital region
Du Extra Vessel pathology stiffness and pain in the spinal column, opisthotonus
Chong Extra Vessel pathology asthmatic breathing
Dai Extra Vessel pathology prolapse of the uterus, weakness and motor impairment of the lower limbs
Yang Qiao Extra Vessel pathology insomnia, eversion of the foot
Yin Qiao Extra Vessel pathology lethargy, inversion of the foot
Yin Wei Extra Vessel pathology chest pain, cardiac pain and stomachache
Yang Wei Extra Vessel pathology Exterior syndromes
Wei Level pathology fever, aversion to cold, headache, slight sweating, runny nose with yellow discharge, slight thirst, sore throat, red and swollen tonsils. T: red sides or tip of the tongue; P: superficial, rapid pulse.
Qi Level pathology high fever, aversion to heat, cough with expectoration of thin-yellow sputum, asthma, thirst. T: red tongue with thick yellow coating; P: rolling rapid pulse.
Ying Level pathology (yin def pulse) fever at night, dry mouth with no desire to drink, insomnia, mental restlessness, aphasia, spots on skin, in severe cases coma. T: deep-red tongue; P: thready, rapid pulse.
Xue Level pathology high fever, skin eruptions, vomiting of blood, epistaxis, blood in stools, blood in urine, manic behavior, in severe cases convulsions. T: deep-red tongue w/o coating; P: string-taut, rapid pulse.
Jue Yin (reverting yin; hot above, cold below) Points: Liv3, Li4, Sp4, P6. WZYT&WenJingTang persistent thirst, a feeling of energy rising to the chest, pain and heat sensation in heart region, hunger w/ no desire to eat, cold limbs, diarrhea, vomiting of roundworms. P: string-taut.
Shao Yin Heat Transforming (Ht&Kd Imperial Fire) Points: Ren4, Ren6, K3, K6, Sp6. HLEJT no CALE fx a feeling of heat, irritability, insomnia, dry mouth and throat at night, dark urine, night sweating. T: red tongue w/o coating; P: fine-rapid pulse.
Shao Yin Cold Transforming (Ht&Kd Imperial Fire) Points: B23, Ren4, 6, 8, K7, K3, SiNiTang chills, a feeling of cold, lying with body curled, listlessness, desire to sleep, cold limbs, diarrhea, absence of thirst, frequent pale urination. T: pale and wet tongue w/ white coating; P: deep-weak-slow pulse.
Tai Yin (Spleen damp) Points: Ren12, B20, S36, S25, Sp6, moxa. Li Zhong Tang abdominal fullness, a feeling of cold, vomiting, lak of appetite, diarrhea, absence of thirst, tiredness. T: pale tongue with sticky white coating; P: deep-weak-slow pulse.
Shao Yang (GB/SJ ministral fire) Points: Sj5, Sj6, Gb41, Du13 alternation of chills&fever, bitter taste, dry throat, blurred vision, hypoch. fullness, and distention, lack of desire to eat or drink, irritability, nausea, vomiting. T: unilateral thin white coat; P: string-taut-fine pulse
Yang Ming organ pattern----Points: Li11, Du14, P3, S44, S43, S25, Sp15, S37, Sp6. Cheng Qi Tangs. high fever that is worse in the afternoon, profuse sweating, sweating on limbs, abdominal fullness and pain, constipation, dry stools, thirst, dark urine. T: red tongue w/ thick dry yellow coating / black coating; P: deep-full-rolling-rapid.
Yang Ming Channel pattern Points: Li11, Du14, P3, S44, S43. Bai Hu Tang high fever, profuse sweating, intense thirst, red face, feeling of heat, irritability, delirium. T: red tongue with yellow coating; P: overflowing-rapid or big-rapid pulse.
Tai Yang Organ Blood Accumulation Points: Ren3, K14, S28, B39, B22, Sp10, Liv3, Sp6. THCQT hypogastric distention, fullness and urgency, blood in urine, mental restlessness. T: reddish-purple tongue w/o coating; P:deep-fine-rapid or deep-choppy.
Tai Yang Water Accumulation Points: Ren9, Ren3, S28, Lu7, B22, B39, B64. Wu Ling San aversion to cold, fever, retention of urine, slight thirst, vomiting of fluids soon after drinking. P: floating-rapid.
Tai Yang Channel Cold prevalence Points: B12, Lu7, Li4, Sj5, G20, moxa. Ma Huang Tang aversion to cold, slight fever, absence of sweating, headache, stiff neck, sneezing, runny nose w/ white discharge, breathlessness. P: floating-tight.
Tai Yang Channel Wind prevalence Points: B12, Lu7, Li4, G20, Sj5, S36. Gui Zhi Tang. slight aversion to cold, aversion to wind, slight fever, slight sweating, headache, stiff neck, sneezing. P: superfical-slow.
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