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Unit 4

Greating an American Mythology

In "Old Ironsides" Oliver Holmes writes in a style that is ____ similar to the style of European poets.
Why did Oliver Holmes write about the USS Constitution when rumors held that the ship was going to be scrapped? The ship was a link to the nation's history and a symbol of its strength.
Read this excerpt from "Old Ironsides." Beneath it rung the battle shout, And burst the cannon's roar;— The meteor of the ocean air Shall sweep the clouds no more. What do the images of war in this excerpt suggest to the reader? the chaos and danger of war
When Holmes refers to the ship as the "eagle of the sea" in the poem's second stanza, he is symbolically associating Old Ironsides with the strength of the United States.
By writing "Old Ironsides," Holmes asserted that the United States _________ was every bit as strong, proud, and important as the older nations of Europe.
What is the character trait in the blacksmith that Longfellow focuses on in the first stanza of his poem, "The Village Blacksmith"? Longfellow focuses on the blacksmith's physical strength
The lines "his brow is wet with honest sweat,/He earns whate'er he can," tell the reader that the blacksmith is industrious
The description of the blacksmith wiping the tears from his eyes after thinking about his late wife shows that he may be physically strong, but he is _______ sensitive and caring
By the end of "The Village Blacksmith, Longfellow makes clear to the reader that _______ the blacksmith is someone people would do well to emulate.
Why is "The Village Blacksmith" a part of America's national mythology? The blacksmith embodies many core American values and is the backbone of a typical American community.
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