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atom consists of protons
bound electrons In some atoms
insulator When the majority of atoms in a material contain bound electrons
free electrons In most atoms
conductors Materials made up primarily of atoms with free electrons
series circuit An electrical circuit with only one path for electrons to flow through is called a ___________________________.
parallel circuit has more than one path for the electricity to flow through
series-parallel circuit have some electrical devices connected in a series and others connected in parallel.
ground In an automobile
open circuit A broken wire causes an _________________
short circuit or short
switch is used to turn on and off the flow of electricty
relay is a magnetic switch that uses a low-voltage signal from a remote location to control and on-and-off operation of a high-voltage circuit.
fusible link is a wire that is sensitive to excessive current
circuit breaker also stops excessive current flow
battery along with the charging system
alternator produces electricity to recharge the batter and provide electricity to various vehicle systems when the engine is running
sealed beam a type of headlight held in place with a retaining ring that fits around the headlight
replaceable bulb A bulb
aiming screws The headlight mounting bracket is bolted to a mounting panel with ___________________________. ____________________ are used to properly position the headlight.
aiming positioning is called _____________________. By _________ the headlights
taillights have three functions: illumination
Interior lights are not commonly damaged in a collision; however
clockspring a coil that retracts and expands inside its housing as the steeling wheel turns
power window system consists of a switch
power lock door system uses solenoids to lock or unlock the vehicle's doors.
power seat system uses electric motors to move the seat
power mirror system has two motors: one to adjust the left and right positions
power sunroof system has a motor
power antenna system consists of a telescoping antenna
rear defroster/demister system consists of a conductor grid on the inside of the rear window glass
nonpowered test light consists of a probe connected to a 12V bulb and ground wire
self-powered test light often called a continuity tester does not need the vehicle battery for power.
jumper wire the length of a wire with an alligator clip at each end
turn signal lamps are located on the bumper
wiring harness a collection of primary wires encased in a protective sleeve; provides an electrical pathway connecting electrical components throughout the vehicle
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