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chronic hazard will cause long-term health damage
acute hazard a hazard that causes immediate (or within a few hours) reaction. A single exposure can cause health problems
good housekeeping involves keeping the work area clean and well organized
volatile liquid a liquid that evaporates readily when exposed to air. The vapors created are extremely flammable.
volatile organic compounds or VOCs In addition to being explosive
atomized broken up into small droplets/creates an even greater explosive hazard than the liquid itself
air change The replacement of all the contaminated air in a confined area
transfer efficiency a measure of the amount of paint that coats a surface compared to the amount of paint that is actually sprayed.
Sensitization whenever the individual breathes even a small amount of isocyanate-laden air
Repetitive stress injury the inflammation of muscles or tendons caused by performing the same action again and again
safety glasses should be work so they fit tightly against the forehead. Even when worn properly
safety goggles fit tightly around eyes. Provides superior eye protection against particles and liquids
dust mask Sanding body filler and paint produces harmful dust. This must be work when dry sanding to help protect the technician's lungs
respirator designed to protect the lungs from harmful vapors and mists
cartridge-type respirator removes contaminants from the air the technician breathes
supplied-air respirator provides the technician with clean
tension is used to straighten damaged frames and sheet metal components
carbon monoxide is a toxic gas that is colorless and virtually odorless. In small quantities
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) helps protect human health and the environment by regulating industries that generate air
cradle-to-grave the shop is responsible for hazardous material from the time it enters the shop until the hazardous material is disposed of
generator what the collision repair shop is often referred to
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) their mission is to make sure employers provide a safe and healthy work environment
Right-to-know laws require employers to inform workers about the hazardous chemicals in a work environment
material safety data sheet (MSDS) provided by the product manufacturer/lists the individual chemical components of the product and the hazards of each component
fire extenguishers A device designed to remove at least one of these elements: extreme heat
reduction The process of adding solvents to paint
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