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Maj Acupuncture Pts

Transport Points

Regulates the blood (bleeding, blood stasis) SP1
Throat (sore, dry, speech) LU10
Calms the mind, severe mental disturbance HT8
Febrile disease, unconsciousness PC8
INFLUENTIAL OF PULSE/BLOOD VESSELS. Tonify LU Qi & Yin, Tonify Zhong Qi, regulate LU Qi, promote blood circulation LU9
Mind, heat, mental problems d/t HT fire, chest pain, ST/intestines. DOES NOT TONIFY, MORE FOR EXCESS! PC7
Tonifies the KD, especially KD Yang, damp, D-H edema, lower back sweating KD7
Crossing point of 3 hand yin channels--phlegm (mind), HT Qi stagnation, MALARIA (empirical) PC5
LV Qi stagnation in the lower jiao (genital region, UB), LV channel heat LV4
Dampness, benefits urination (Dr. Tan: lowers ST acid) SP9
Clears heat, blood, fire poison--late stage of the febrile disease, convulsions PC3
Clears heat, W-H eyes, throat, ear, LI heat along channel (toothache, check pain) LI1
Promotes lactation, benefits the breasts (abscess, distention, swelling) SI1
MALPOSITION OF FETUS, promotes delivery, wind affecting the head UB67
LYR, especially affecting the eyes, chest, lateral costal region, DOES NOT TREAT UNCONSCIOUSNESS. GB44
Wind on the face, paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia ST44
Clears heat from SI and UB, urination (burning, dark) SI2
W-H, ear SJ2
LYR (temporal headache), ears (ringing, pain, deafness), eyes (red, itchy, blurry, pain) GB43
Opening point of DU with UB62. Interior wind affecting DU (dizzy, h/a), calms Mind, epilepsy, MALARIA, occiput, neck, back SI3
Leg, back, neck pain, cystitis UB65
W-H, ear, headd, eyes, throat, neck SJ3
Confluent point of Dai channel w/ST5. Genital region, leukorrhea, cystitis, urithritis, menstruation, breast, headache, eye pain GB41
ST heat, chronic and stubborn heat, calms Mind ST41
Clears and calms spirit SI5
Wind affecting head (H/A, dizzy, nasal congestion, epilepsy), back pain, INDUCE DELIVERY! UB60
Heat in the 3 Jiaos, heat affecting the head (red eyes, nose), WH in the blood (w/GB31) SJ6
Chronic migrain, GB channel heat, sinews and bones, pains of the hundred points GB38
STRENGTHENS BODY (TONIFY QI, YANG, YIN, BLOOD), benefits the SP/ST, knee pain, calms the Mind. ST36
COMMAND POINT OF LOW BACK. Especially acute low back pain (bleedd spider veins). Clears Heat UB40
INFLUENTIAL OF SINEWS & TENDONS. LV/GB damp heat, rebellious Qi, sinews/muscles GB34
COMMAND POINT OF THE FACE. EXTERIOR WIND, W-H, pain, Qi (tonifies, moves, regulates), PROMOTES DELIVERY (empirical) LI4
JAUNDICE (emperical) SI4
Leg, back (especially low back), neck pain, wind affecting head (H/A, dizzy, twitching), descends wind from head downward UB64
W-H, benefits the original Qi, chronic diseases SJ4
Created by: DOCRAIN