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LOTF 7- 12

Review for Quiz Ch 7 - 12

Who said, "You'll get back to where you came from." Simon
Who said, "Stop it. You're hurting." Robert
Who said, "Why do you hate me." Ralph
Who said, "...use a littlun." Jack
Who said, "We ought to have a drum ...then we could do it properly." Maurice
Who successfully hits the boar with the spear? Ralph
After participating in the boar hunt, how does Raulf feel about hunting? He thinks it is exciting
Why does Simon volunteer to go into the jungles alone? He is going to tell Piggy about their location.
True/False The boys purposefully meant to hurt Robert. False
What did the boys see on top of the mountains? They see a giant, ape-like creature that seems to move back and forth.
After losing the election, __________leaves the group and refuses to "play." Jack
Jack raids Ralph and Piggy's camp and steals the _________. Fire
____________ suggests they start a fire on the beach Piggy
___________ has a conversation with the Lord of the Flies. Simon
Piggy thinks Jack and his group want to steal the _________. Conch
Which boys join Jack's new tribe? Most of the older boys, except Samneric
Why is the killing of the sow so symbolic? It shows just how barbaric the boys have become and it represents the end of the boy's innocence.
For whom does Jack leave the sow's head as an offering For the beast
What happens to Simon at the end of the chapter? He faints
Who says, "I'd like to put on war-paint and be savage, but we have to keep the fire burning."? Ralph
____________ asks Jack about shelter for his tribe? Ralph
____________ promises his followers food and protection? Jack
____________ learns the truth about the beast? Simon
____________'s body is blown out to sea? Paratrooper
____________ insists on joining the group to make sure nothing goes wrong? Piggy
What foreshadowing and ominous element is present at the beginning of the chapter? An incoming storm
What does Jack do with the sow's body? He uses it as food
What does Simon encounter when he reaches the top of the mountain? The dead parachuist
How do the boys react to Simon when he attempts to tell them the truth about the beast? They brutally beat him to death
True/ False: Ralph and Piggy participate in the chanting and dancing. True
At Castle Rock, ___________ is in charge? Jack
______________ is tied up and beaten Jack
______________ insists Simon's death was murder? Ralph
______________ insists Simon death was an accident? Piggy
______________ helps Jack steal Piggy's glasses Maurice
Besides Piggy and some littluns, who else is in Ralph's group? Samneric
How do the boys secure Castle Rock? They prepare to launch a boulder
Why did the hunters want to steal Piggy's glasses? They needed glasses to start a fire
What does Jack's group think about Simon's death? They think they killed the beast
True/ False: Jack is a democratic leader. False
______________ said, "Are we savages o what?" Ralph
______________ said, "What's grownups going to think?" Piggy
_____________ said, "He'll be painted." Sam
_____________ said, "The conch is gone." Jack
_____________ launched a boulder down the mountain. Rodger
Why does Piggy insist that he and Ralph confront Jack? To get his glasses back
True/ False: Piggy and Ralph apply war paint before going to confront Jack. False
What does Piggy and ralph apply war paint before going to confront Jack? The conch
What happens to Piggy? He is hit with a boulder and dies
What does the destruction of the conch symbolize? Order and civility are completely lost
_____________ knocks down the Lord of the Flies. Ralph
_____________ sharpens a stick at both ends. Roger
_____________ gives meat to Ralph Sam
_____________ orders the boys to hunt Ralph Jack
_____________ disappointed in the boy's conduct Naval Officer
True/ False: Samneric join Jack's tribe on their own accord. False
What do Samneric tell Ralph? Jack and Rodger will hunt him in the morning
What two functions does the fire serve? It forces Ralph from his hiding spot and signals the navy ship
Who claims responsibility at the end of the novel? Ralph
When all of the boys realize they've been rescued, what do they do? Cry
Created by: BFlmng
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