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Computer Terms

Vocabulary for common computer words

File a computer document
Character a letter, number, symbol, space or punctuation mark
Text computer data that represents words, numbers and other typographic symbols
Thesaurus a book/computer file that lists words related to each other in meaning, usually giving synonyms and antonyms
Font a design and size for characters on a computer screen
Formatting Palette a computer window that contains commands that allow changes to be made to a document
Cursor a moving marker on a computer screen
Space bar a horizontal bar at the bottom of a keyboard or typewriter that is pressed to introduce a space
Return A key that moves the cursor down a line on the computer screen.
Menu A list of choices or options
Save to store a copy of a data file
Print to make a copy using a computer printer
Style to give text a particular shape or design usually for emphasis
Bold to make letters darker and thicker for emphasis
Italics characters that slope to the right
Underline a line drawn or typed below something
Subscript a character that is printed on a level lower than the rest of the characters on the line
Superscript a character that is printed on a level higher than the rest of the characters on the line
Bullet a dot - usually for steps
Copy to make another
Cut to delete data from one place
Paste to place text, data or an image into a document electronically
Alignment the arrangement of a line in relationship to the margins
Margin blank space at the top, bottom and sides of the page
Horizontal direction from left to right or right to left
Vertical direction from top to bottom or bottom to top
Insert Put in
Search Looking for a computer file, image, or text
Clip Art, Graphic, Image Artwork, photographs and pictures
Handlebars Shapes around an image that allow the image to be adjusted
Icons Recognizable picture on computer screen
Undo reverse effect of computer command (usually found under Edit)
Zoom Move closer in or out
Spell Check Looks for spelling and grammar errors in a document
Portrait Printing Page is taller than wider
Landscape Printing Long sides of page are horizontal
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