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Mesopotamia T-2

Mr. Blanchette's class T-2 Mesopotamia

Dead sea A salt lake between isreal and Jordan; the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth
Persian Gulf an arm of the Arabian Sea, located between the Arabian Peninsula andsouthwest Iran
Tyre A rich tradeport and the major city of Phoenicia, located on the eastern mediterranean Sea in present day southern lebanon
Euphrates River a river flowing south from Turkey through Syria and Iraq
covenant binding agreement
empire many territories and people who are controlled by one government
myth a traditional story; in some cultures, a legend that explains people's beliefs
Isreal A country in southwest Asia
Zagros Mountains
code an organized list of laws or rules
exile to be forced to live in another country
King David
Mesopotamia an ancient region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Southwest Asia
Sumer the first known civilization
Cuneiform a form of writing that uses groups of wedges and lines; used to write several languages of the fertile cresent
Diaspora The scattering of people
Caravan a group of traders traveling together
Bazaar market
Famine A time when there is so little food and many people starve
Scribe a writer who usually used a reed and clay to write
Prophet a religious leader who told the Isrealites what god wanted them to do
Jordan River A river in Iraq and Turkey
Black Sea
mesopotamia an ancient region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Southwest Asia
abraham led his family to canaan, where he became the founer of a new nation
moses developed monothesium
Tigris river A river in Iraq and Turkey
babylon an ancient region around southeastern mesopotamia and between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers; now present-day Iraq
Assyria a historical kingdom of northern mesopotamia around present-day Iraq and Turkey
Ur a city of ancient sumer in southern mesopotamia, located in present-day southeast Iraq
astronomy the branch of scince that studies the planets, stars, moon, and other objects in the universe
Jerusalem The capital city of modern Isreal; a holy city for Jews, Christians, and Muslims
King Daniel
epic of gilgamesh
10 commands a code of laws given to the isrealites by god
empire many territories and people who are controlled by one government
zigurrats a step temple believed to be used by the gods to descend to the earth
Sargon the first ruler of the Akkadian empire
Hammurahbi the first ruler of babylon
alphabet a set of symbols that represent the sounds of a language
city-state a city with it's own traditions, government and laws; both a city and a seperate independant state
monothesiem belief in many gods
polythesium belief in one god
Peninsula a piece of land surrounded almost completly with water and connected to the mainland by an isthmus
dead sea scrolls ancient parchment manuscripts containing the earliest version of the first few books of the bible
Sani peninsula a peninsula on the northern end of the red sea that links southwest Asia with northeast Africa
Canal a waterway dug into the earth or modified by people to transport water or people, or provide drainage
Tarus Mountains A set of mountains locaed in modern day Turkey
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