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Unit 7

Realism, Naturalism & Regionalism

In "Return of a Private,"Garland includes the following passage: "Hide a grow on agin', dollars'll come hard. It's goin' be mighty hot skirmishin' to find a dollar these days." The language used by the man in this passage is an example of _________ dialect
In "Return of a Private," when Edward Smith praises his wife's biscuits, he is really praising his wife
Because "Return of a Private"' depicts the debilitating effects of the Civil War on Private Edward Smith's personal health and on the well-being of his family, Garland's story is correctly classified as realism
By delivering the famous "I Will Fight No More Forever" speech rather than continuing to battle federal troops, Chief Joseph demonstrated true leadership and concern for his people.
One line in "I will Fight No More Forever" reads, "Hear me, my Chiefs, I am tired: my heart is sick and sad." This line captures the tone of the work, which can be described as resigned
When Zitkala-Sa resists having her hair cut at her new school in "The School Days of an Indian Girl," the teachers react with brute force and violence. This episode illustrates ___________ how little respect and understanding the teachers have for Native American traditions and beliefs.
The incident with the turnips in "The School Days of an Indian Girl" shows that Zitkala-Sa ____________ will defiantly resist those who attempt to control her
Though she does well in public speaking contests at college, Zitkala-Sa still feels as though she is __________. an outsider in the world of white people
When Zitkala-Sa returns to live on the South Dakota reservation in the summer, she realizes ____________ she is caught between two worlds and not entirely at home in either one
Both "I Will Fight No More Forever" and "The School Days of an Indian Girl" help readers to understand the ways in which ___________ Native American groups, cultures, and traditions were weakened and destroyed in the nineteenth century
In Stephen Crane's "A Man Said to the Universe," the universe responds to the man's assertion of his own existence with ____________ indifference
The differing views of the sea held by the maiden and the sailor in "To the Maiden" are a result of _________ the different experiences that each has had with the sea
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